Tropical climate

As rain climate a climate is called, occur in the relatively high precipitation throughout the year.

General Air - typing

The term " rainy climate" based on the classification of Köppen / Geiger, which belongs in today's climate geography in addition to the classification of Troll / puffing the standard of climate classification.

Köppen / Geiger distinguish five different climate zones:

  • A: rain climate of the tropics
  • B: Dry Air
  • C: Warm Temperate Climate
  • D: Cold Temperate Climate
  • E: Cold Air

Innenrhalb climate zone A different Köppen / Geiger two types of climate:

  • Af: always humid tropical rainforest climate
  • Re: alternate moist savanna climate
  • On: monsoon climate

Characteristics of rain climate

The rainy climate is characterized as humid climate with year-round rainfall and an average year-round positive climatic water balance (precipitation > evaporation), in which the rainfall in large part fallen.Die as rain mean temperature in the rainy climate of the tropics remains in all months above 18 ° C.

A special feature within the rain climate is the cloud forest climate ( Spanish also: Yungas - climate), in which the plants are supplied with water mainly from the fog and thus from the air.