Trostjanez (Ukrainian Тростянець; Russian Тростянец ) is a city under Rajonsverwaltung in the northern Ukrainian Oblast of Sumy. The city is the center of the Rajons the same name, 57 km south of Oblasthauptstadt Sumy on the river bank Boromlja, a tributary of the Vorskla. The town with 21,000 inhabitants ( 2013) has numerous architectural monuments, including a neo-Gothic Rundhof of 1749, the late Baroque Church of the Annunciation of 1750, a castle of Galitziner from the 18th century and the " nymph grotto ", inaugurated in 1809 to mark the centenary of the Battle of Poltava been.


Trostjanez was founded in 1660 and 1877, the settlement Smorodyne / Смородине was connected in the east to the station, since 1940 the city has Trostjanez status.