Trot (music)

Trot, the Korean Teuroteu ( also referred to as Ppongjjak ), is the oldest form of pop music on the Korean peninsula. This music style developed in the period when Korea was a part of the Japanese Empire ( 1910-1945 ). Well-known artists of the genre, the South Korean singer Tae Jin- ah and Song Daw - gwan. Even rock singer Cho Yong -pil was representative of the genre.

Trot evolved from the Japanese Enka music genre. Great influence was the music of the standard dance foxtrot, from which also the term " Trot " was derived.

The popularity of Trot rose sharply in the 1990s from, mainly due to the mega-hit " Hayeoga " by Seo Taiji and Boys. Then dance pop dominated the music scene in South Korea.

This music style was revived in terms of popularity due to the appearance of "semi- Trot singers " such as Jang Yoon- jeong ( Kor. 장윤정 ), the great success with their first single ( Eomeona!, Omona! , An exclamation like oh my god! ) " 어머나 ". This meant that older trot musicians got more attention and that other singers and groups the genre bestowed a comeback, such as Super Junior -T, Epik High and Daesung of Big Bang.