Trudi Meyer

Gertrude " Trudi " Meyer ( * July 13, 1914, † 23 October 1999) was a German gymnast and Olympic champion.

Gertrud Meyer started for the TK Hannover, she won the German championship in the all around 1936. At the Olympics 1936 Olympic team competition for gymnasts took place after 1928, held for the second time. Gertrud Meyer was the single best gymnast in the competition. With the German team in the cast Gertrud Meyer, Erna citizens, Kate Sohnemann, Isolde Froelian, Anita Bärwirth, Paula Pöhlsen and Friedl Iby and Julie Schmitt won the gold medal with three points ahead of the team from Czechoslovakia.

For the Olympic Games in 1940 for the first time to carry out a single score for gymnasts was planned. Gertrud Meyer was preparing for this race and finished after cancellation of the Olympics in 1940 her career.

Since 1940, Gertrud Meyer was married to the water polo player Bernhard Baier. Although she had no formal training for Gertrud Baier later worked as a gym teacher at a high school.