Truttikon from south

Truttikon is a municipality in the district of Andelfingen in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland.


The municipality is located in the Zürcher Weinland in a weakly undulating landscape. From the community area are 64.5 % agriculture, 28.5% is covered by forest, 1.8% is traffic area and 4.8 % settlement area.


The SVP has 37.90 %, 12.11%, the SP, the glp 10.56 %, the BDP 9.18%, 5.78%, the FDP, the EPP 5.64%, the Greens 4.34% and the CVP 2.38% of the vote ( national election of 2011).

Community president is Jolanda Derrer -Hofmann (2009).


In Truttikon widespread wine is grown.


Truttikon was mentioned as Truttaninchova the first time in 858 in a document. At the time, went through a donation lands in Truttikon went to the monastery Rheinau over.

In 1556 Truttikon was sold to the Augustinian monastery Kreuzlingen, which it belonged until the year 1798. The municipality was part of the county of Kyburg and came in succession by inheritance in 1452 to the city of Zurich.

The existing civil parish was raised on January 1, 1879 in the state of a municipality by resolution of the Cantonal Council.

Coat of arms


The coat of arms is a new creation from the period around 1878, was used as the civil parish of Trüllikon dissolved and converted into a municipality. The coat of arms symbolizes the traditional wine-growing in Truttikon and since the end of 1930 in its current color scheme, the official coat of arms of the municipality.