Try This

Try This is the third studio album by American singer Pink, which has been published in 2003, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Great Britain and France. The album was marketed by Arista USA and produced. The demo recordings of the songs were created in collaboration with Tim Armstrong, during which band Rancid was as the opening act the Foo Fighters on tour. It was Pink's first album, which received the Parental Advisory label. In Germany CD Album BMG was sold with the copy Copy Control and did not allow playback performance on computers with Mac OS.

  • 3.1 Singles

Track list


Opened is the album of trouble, the first single. She had two bonus tracks in the UK: Free and delirium. "Trouble" reached the top chart positions and brought her at the Grammy Awards 2004 in the category " Best Female Vocal Performance - Rock" one.

Trouble contains a sample of the song Fresh Garbage by Spirit from their album Spirit, which was published in 1968. The song has already been recorded by Beck and should have been was covered by pink. However, they end up only contributed her vocals to the already existing version of Beck.

Feel Good Time

Feel Good Time, the second single, is on the soundtrack to the film " 3 Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle " included. The music video contains scenes during a motocross race, which was started in the film by nk P!. The song was created in collaboration with William Orbit.

God Is a DJ

In the song " God Is a DJ" compares Pink God rather ironically, it was a rockin ' DJ. This song was released as the third single of the album.

Last to Know

"Last to Know" is the fourth from the album and was also the lowest -placed in the charts.


" Try This " is a more rocking album, but also contains bluesy retro rock sound in "Waiting for Love", enriched with subtle R & B elements ballads like "Catch Me While I'm Sleeping" and catchy mid-tempo songs like " Tonight's the Night ". It was also recorded with the help of Peaches the title " Oh My God", the Pink describes as the "sexiest song ," she has ever recorded.

Pink says about the album, that it takes lamentations contains stories about individual people, to which they teach their anger. It is a little " safer and more airy " than the previous album.


The album reached good charts worldwide rankings (including No. 1 in Switzerland), but sold up to now only about 3 million times, which showed on the one hand a slump in sales compared to the previous M! Ssundaztood ( 12,000,000. ) And, the Try This hitherto P! nk's least commercially successful album. The album reached "only" a simple platinum award in Germany ( the predecessor and the successor to both albums reached 3x platinum).