Tsar to Lenin

Max Eastman as narrator

  • Alexander Kerensky ( archive footage )
  • W.I. Lenin ( archive footage )
  • Leon Trotsky ( archive footage )
  • Nicholas II ( archive footage )

From Tsar to Lenin ( German: From Tsar to Lenin) is a documentary with footage from the time of the Russian Revolution of February 1917, the October Revolution in the same year, and the civil war from 1918 to 1921 is based on the film collection of Herman Axel Bank and was in January. completed in 1931 by Max Eastman. His debut film only on March 6, 1937 at Filmarte Theatre in New York. Despite an effusive review in the New York Times From Tsar to Lenin was banned from cinemas due to political pressure. The film then fell into oblivion. In January 1978, the American Workers League acquired the film rights of Axel Herman Bank, who died the following year.

From Tsar to Lenin appeared in 2012 on DVD in the publishing Mehring Books.