The Tsilhqot'in, even Chilcotin, are a group of First Nations in the Canadian province of British Columbia. They belong to the North -West American language family of Na - Dene.

Originally her settlement center was located in the valley of the Chilcotin River, which in course of time, however, stretched the Chilcotin to Similkarneen Valley. Their neighbors were the Dakelh, in the west the Nuxalk, the Shuswap in the East, with which they were frequently at war in the north. In the south, finally, the Lillooet were their neighbors. Today the center is located west of Williams Lake.

In 1864 it came to the Chilcotin War, which cost the lives of 25 men.

1982 spoke of about 1800 Tsilhqot'in still 705 their native language.

Pictures of Tsilhqot'in