Tsingy de Namoroka Strict Nature Reserve

Tsingy de Namoroka is a national park with special protection status in the region Boeny in the northeast of Madagascar. Its landscape consists of limestone rocks that are cut particularly impressive in low Tsingy.


It is located in the district Soalala. Nearby there is also the National Park Baie de Baly, with which it forms a unit.

Flora and Fauna

218 plant species were found in the National Park, of which 106 species are endemic.

81 bird species, 31 of which occur only in Madagascar and 23 more on the surrounding islands are endemic. Three of these species are listed in the IUCN: the Madagascar Goshawk ( Accipiter henstii ) Schopfibis ( Lophotibis cristata ) and Gelbbauchjala ( Philepitta schlegeli ). Most species overwinter here in the dry season.

In the park there are also eight species of lemurs, et al the from- the - ceiling - and Red Sifaka Lemur, five amphibian species such as the tiger Makifrosch, Maskarenenfrosch, frog Mantidactylus biporus and 30 reptile species.


In order to achieve the national park by road is the dry season from May to October is the best time. From Mahajanga to Soalala there are 185 kilometers. With Daus you can reach him by Mahajanga out by ship.


Due to the faith of the local population, pork is not allowed in the National Park. If arriving by ship from Mahajanga Pistachios are also taboo.