Tsushima Island

Tsushima (対 马Japanese ) is a Japanese island in the Sea of ​​Japan.


Tsushima lies in the Korea Strait and splits it into a western and an eastern channel. This eastern channel is also called Tsushima Strait. Beyond the Tsushima strait is the Japanese island of Kyushu, beyond the Korea Strait, the Korean Peninsula. The island lies at the southernmost point of the Sea of ​​Japan. Not far south, immediately after the two roads, begins at the East China Sea. Tsushima is of all the islands of the island nation of Japan, the island, which lies closest to the Asian mainland. The shortest distance from the island to the mainland is about 50 kilometers. There is also the South Korean city of Busan.

The 696.52 km ² Tsushima Island consists of two main islands: Kami- jima (上 岛, " upper island " ) in the north and Shimo- jima (下 岛, " lower island " ) in the south. You are on the west by the deeply indented Aso Bay (浅 茅 湾) and subsequently separated by an approximately 50 meter wide sea channel. They are connected by a bridge, over which runs the national road 382. The two main islands are surrounded by 13 smaller islands. Together with the island of Iki they form the National Park Iki - Tsushima.

The highest elevation is the Yatate (矢 立 山, -yama, 34 ° 11 ' N, 129 ° 14' O34.1775129.22611111111649 ) on the island of Shimo- jima with 649 m. Other mountains are the Ariake (有 明 山, -yama, 34 ° 12 ' N, 129 ° 16' O34.204444444444129.265558 ) with 558 m, the Shira -dake (白 岳, 34 ° 16 ' N, 129 ° 15' O34.264166666667129.24972222222518 ) with 518 m and Mitake (雄 岳) / Odake (御 岳) (34 ° 34 ' N, 129 ° 23' O34.571944444444129.38166666667479 ) with 479 m on the island of Kami- jima.


Tsushima belongs to the Japanese prefecture of Nagasaki. Because of the remote location, but many administrative functions (対 马 地方 局, Tsushima Chiho kyoku ) by the Regional Office Tsushima - to 2004 sub-prefecture Tsushima - perceived. The city of Tsushima ( 708.89 km ²) since March 1, 2004 covers all areas of the island. Until then, the city Izuhara was the capital of the island.


1019 the island of dschürdschätischen and Korean pirates was hit in the Toi invasion.

1274 and 1281 Tsushima was occupied briefly in the First and Second Mongol invasion of Japan.

1861 wanted to occupy the strategically important island of the Russian Empire. The Russian Far East policy was at that time from a continental expansion of the Russian empire in the Far East. After the British government had decided, however, filed a protest against the annexation of the island, the Russian government decided to abandon this project and withdrew.

On May 27, 1905, the Battle of Tsushima took place in the waters around the island where the Japanese fleet defeated the Russian Baltic fleet devastating.

At Tsushima was 1973-1998 a longitudinal wave Sendeantene the OMEGA navigation system.

On 1 March 2004, the villages and towns on the island have been merged to the same city Tsushima. Before unification Izuhara was the largest city.