Tu Tsung-ming

Tu Tsung- ming (Chinese杜聪明, Pinyin you Congming; born August 25, 1893 in Sanzhi (then belonging to Tamsui ), Chinese Empire, † February 25, 1986 in Taipei, Republic of China ) was the first doctor and professor of medicine in Taiwan.


Tu belonged to the first generation of Taiwanese young people who went through the system established by the Japanese school system. In 1909 he enrolled at the Taiwanese Technical School of Medicine, the forerunner of today's Department of Medicine at the National Taiwan University, and graduated in 1914 as valedictorian. A year later he went to study to study at the Imperial University of Kyoto in Japan, where he obtained his doctorate in medicine on December 16, 1922. He was the first Taiwanese who earned a doctorate in modern, Western-oriented Japanese education system.


Taihoku University

After returning to Taiwan, he worked as a lecturer and from 1937 as a professor at the Medical Faculty of Taihoku Imperial University (now National Taiwan University ). He was the first Taiwanese professor in the Japanese education system. Your areas of expertise were the pharmacology and toxicology.

National Taiwan University

After the withdrawal of the Japanese in 1945 and the transfer of Taiwan to the Republic of China as Tu was initially the only Taiwanese in the transfer committee to prepare the takeover of the province by the Chinese government, was appointed. After renaming the Taihoku University, " National Taiwan University " Tu Tsung- ming was appointed the first dean of the medical faculty, however, this office had to go to the incident of February 28, 1947 as a result of the persecution of Taiwanese intellectuals and scientists by the Kuomintang army in the short term give up. Tu went into hiding, but was able to return to the University in 1948 and again took over the office of the dean of the medical faculty. The following years of the White Terror of the Kuomintang dictatorship in which released a number of his faculty colleagues, arrested, were even executed, Dean Tu survived unscathed.

Medical College Kaohsiung

A year after his departure from the National Taiwan University in 1953, founded the Medical College Kaohsiung Tu (now Kaohsiung Medical University ), which he headed from 1954 until his retirement in 1966 as rector.

Tu lived after his retirement in Taipei, where he died on 25 February 1986 at the age of 92 years. According to him, the Tsungming -Tu Award is named, which is awarded annually since 2007 by the National Science Council in cooperation with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.