TU7 diesel locomotive

The locomotives of the series and ТУ7 ТУ7А ( German transcription TU7 or TU7A ) of the Soviet Railways ( SZD ) are narrow-gauge diesel locomotives. Under the terms ТУ7Э and ТУ7АЭ ( TU7E or TU7AE ) they were exported and to the BDŽ (Series 94), delivered ČSD (Series 46.0 TU ) and VNR (Series D4H ).

SZD series ТУ7

As the successor to the 1964 to 1972 in only 100 copies built series ТУ5 ( TU5 ) was developed ТУ7 the series from 1967. Intended were two versions with 20 or 24 tons of service weight. 1970 ( Камбарский машиностроительный завод ) were at the Maschinenfabrik Kambarka built two prototypes of the 24 - t variant and called ТУ7 -0001 and -0002. The lighter version was not built.

Like its predecessor the ТУ7 was designed as a four-axle diesel-hydraulic locomotive. She received a newly constructed building with Endführerstand and the new engine 1Д12 -400 ( 1D12 -400) of Barnaul Transportation Machinery Factory. For use in passenger a power generator to power the car was built. The bogies were taken from the series ТУ5.

1973 began series production. By 1985, about 2500 ТУ7 were built. They came only to a small extent at the Ministry of Transport ( Ministerstwo putej soobschtschenija, MPS) below tracks used. Most ТУ7 came to industrial and forest tracks. Some ТУ7 are in children railways in use.

The vast majority of ТУ7 were built for the track width 750 mm. Some ТУ7 received bogies for gauges 900 mm and 1067 mm. By default, the ТУ7 were painted orange.

1981 two ТУ7 were equipped with bogies 1520 mm track gauge and called ТУ7М ( TU7M ). However, the otherwise unchanged design proved to be not suitable for use on broad gauge. Therefore, the dimensions were adapted to the wide track profile and built from 1982 ТГМ40 ( TGM40 ) in series.

SZD series ТУ7Р

Some ТУ7 were fitted as a special version with a snow plow and called ТУ7Р ( TU7R ).

SZD series ТУ7А

As a test bed of the modified series ТУ7А was built in 1985 ТУ7А - 2496. An improved version of the engine was used, and the hydraulic improvements have been made. ТУ7А - 2496 was subjected in the forest railway Apscheronsk a comprehensive testing. Nominally, all from January 1986 built ТУ7 were performed as ТУ7А, the actual transition between the two sub- series is unknown. Several ТУ7А were labeled as ТУ7.

Despite increasing economic difficulties of the industrial and forestry operations and the achievement of declining demand the construction of ТУ7А has been set since the summer of 1994. Approximately 800 ТУ7А were built. Since 2004, production of these Lokotive was resumed - now for pioneer railways. By the end of 2009, but only about 25 ТУ7А were built.

Due to the moderate reliability of the ТУ7 and ТУ7А could not always as intended to replace the previous series.

Series ТУ7Э and ТУ7АЭ

For export the ТУ7 series as ТУ7Э and ТУ7А series were called ТУ7АЭ. They corresponded largely to the domestic version. First, a separate number series was opened, but then made ​​the ТУ7Э and ТУ7АЭ within the main number series. In the countries of the locomotives were given new numbers partly by local schema.

In 1993, some ТУ7АЭ were delivered to Mali.

BDŽ series 94

For Bulgaria 1981 ТУ7Э ten were built in the track width 760 mm, which received no designation in the numbering scheme of the manufacturer. The Bulgarian State Railways ( BDZ) received six locomotives, the remaining four went to industrial enterprises. Nevertheless, the locomotives were consistently numbered as 94-01 to 94-10. The BDŽ continued its locomotives shunting in Septemwri and Tscherwen brjag one. In 1988, the locomotives were umgenummert in the class 81. In 2002, three pieces available.

ČSD series TU 46.0

1985 received the Czechoslovak State Railways ( ČSD ) the ТУ7Э -2426 and -2427 meter gauge version. They were given the numbers 46 001 and TU 002 and arrived at the Tatra Electric Railway as shunting locomotives used. In 1988, she was umgenummert in 706 951 and 952. In 1993, she came into the existence of the Railways of the Slovak Republic ( ZSR ).

VNR series D4H

The Vietnam Railways ( VNR ) received 1985 meterspurigen ТУ7Э - 2420 to -2425 and -2428 to -2457 and -2573 and -2574. 1988 followed the ТУ7АЭ - 3257 to -3265. They are called series D4H on site and used in the route and shunting.

ТУ7Э in Cuba

For the Cuban sugar industry in 1974 were delivered to 1977 85 ТУ7Э. You got bogies on the track widths 705 mm, 762 mm, 914 mm and 1435 mm. They were labeled as 34001-34085. 2004 there were 24 locomotives in use.