The Association TU9 German Institutes of Technology eV is an association of nine leading technical universities in Germany; four of them are in the framework of the Excellence Initiative in the funding line " future concept " ( University of Excellence ) has been added: KIT (2006), Technical University of Munich (2006, 2012), RWTH Aachen (2007, 2012), TU Dresden ( 2012).


TU9 was established as a formal federation on 26 January 2006. Earlier this existed since 2003 as an informal association. Founding president (2006-2009) of TU9 was the President of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Horst Hippler. Current President Hans Jürgen Prömel, President of the Technical University of Darmstadt. Seat and office of the Association are in Berlin.

Members of the Association are those TU9 technical universities, which existed before 1900 in Germany. When the club was founded in January 2006 following President or principals (or their representatives ) to be present and have signed the Memorandum:

  • Konstantin Meskouris, Vice-Rector of RWTH Aachen
  • Jörg Steinbach, President of TU Berlin ( at the time 1st Vice President )
  • Jürgen Hesselbach, President of TU Braunschweig
  • Johann -Dietrich Wörner, Chairman of the Technical University of Darmstadt
  • Hans Müller- Steinhagen, Rector of TU Dresden
  • Erich Barke, President of the Leibniz University of Hannover
  • Horst Hippler, President of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology ( KIT)
  • Wolfgang A. Herrmann, President of the Technical University of Munich
  • Dieter Fritsch, Rector of the University of Stuttgart

Mission of this University Association is to stand as a contact person for society, economy and policy. In particular, it comes to the needs of engineering education at university. The members mutually recognize their bachelor's and master's degrees. They support the quality assurance in engineering education.

In early August 2010, the TU9 universities were in favor of introducing the academic degree of Diplom- engineer graduates for a five-year engineering studies again.

Higher Political Commitment

As primarily by their core subjects connected in engineering university network TU9 puts particular attention to the perception of such topics in the public, which are designed for just this core subjects of high relevance. This includes, for example, the analysis published by the Federal Statistical Office statistics on third-party funding of German universities with a particular focus on the engineering sciences, or the representation of the meaning of the TU9 universities with the graduates.