Tube well

A Rammbrunnen ( boreholes ) is a fountain, which occurs when a tube is driven into the ground; He is a fountain for small catchments. It is used in the stand alone villas, settlers farms and other small consumers as well for watering the garden and to supply water for grazing animals. The floor must have a water-bearing, non-cohesive loose rock layer. For drinking water the Rammbrunnen is not suitable. As groundwater monitoring wells for shallow depths and as a water sampling point he is conditioned to determine hydraulic characteristics can not be used.

Structure and function

The Rammbrunnen consists of a steel tube (3 ) which is at its lower end to a driving point (1) and with a Rammbrunnenfilter with slots or holes ( 2). He is driven into the ground by ramming or hammering down to the aquifer. At the upper end of the steel pipes is located above the ground a pipe ( 4) with a connecting piece for a hand pump or electric centrifugal pump for removing water. To increase the resistance to particularly difficult to punch through layers of Rammbrunnenfilter is provided with an inner braid of brass tissue or a slotted plastic protective sheath; the driving point protects a 6 mm thick polyethylene Hartkunstoffbeschichtung from destruction.

Area of ​​application

To what depth can be batter in the filter tubes depends on the nature of the thrusting layers. In sands of medium grain size without stone deposits, the filters can be driven into the ground without any particular difficulty to 6 m below the surface. Are rich, loamy surface layers or very fine sand or gravel layers interspersed with boulders to break through, this depth can hardly reach. If there is sufficient water ingress but the depth is not important. Prerequisite for the extraction of groundwater with Rammfiltern is always the presence of a high-yielding, water-bearing layer with a water table, which lowers also the pumps not under the suction head of the pump, ie practically no deeper than about 7 m below ground.

Other aspects of

The filter tube provided with slots or holes is made to the passage of time with fine sediment, whereby the discharge capacity and the life of the Rammbrunnens are limited. Due to this fact, a Rammbrunnen only partially apply. By the addition of the pipes and the water extraction from shallow depths the hygienic safety is not the case Rammbrunnen. They are thus not suitable only for industrial water - but for drinking water. The components for a Rammbrunnen are also available in hardware stores as Bauset.

Example: R 1 1/ 4 " with 7 x 1m long tubes, 1 Rammfilter with inner braid, 8 Baumuffen, 1 check valve with double vent and a striking piece.

Rammbrunnen usually require a building permit from the competent authorities or offices.


Rammbrunnen is the official name for such wells in accordance with the Technical Standards Committee of wells in the German Standards Committee.

Other names for the Rammbrunnen are:

  • Wells form