Tübingen (region)

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The Region of Tübingen is one of four administrative districts in the state of Baden- Württemberg ( Germany ). He stands in the hierarchy above the rural and urban districts as well as under the state government and is thus a government funding agency.


The Region of Tübingen is located in southeastern Baden -Württemberg. He was called until 31 December 1972 the administrative district of South Württemberg -Hohenzollern, but that time it was a slightly different cut. To the south it borders on Lake Constance, on the west by the administrative districts of Freiburg and Karlsruhe, on the north by the Region of Stuttgart and on the east by the administrative region of Swabia in Bavaria. Its current expansion goes back to the administrative and territorial reform of January 1, 1973.


The Government of Tübingen has existed since the formation of the southwest state of Baden- Württemberg in 1952. The Authority has this time mainly for the southern part of the former Land Württemberg and the former Prussian Hohenzollern land or for the former state of Württemberg -Hohenzollern ( capital Tübingen ) responsible, which had emerged after the Second world War from the French occupation zone. The County therefore first called Region of South Württemberg -Hohenzollern. The local government reform, which came into force on 1 January 1973, the remit of the Regional Council of Tübingen has been extended to areas formerly Baden. In return areas have been issued within the jurisdiction of the Regional Council of Freiburg. Therefore, the administrative district of South Württemberg -Hohenzollern was at that time renamed the Region of Tübingen.


The population figures are census results (¹) or official updates by the State Statistical Office of Baden- Württemberg ( only primary residences ).


Supreme authority is the government of Tübingen; Government Presidents since 1973

Administrative divisions

The county includes

  • 3 regions
  • 8 counties and 1 county
  • 255 cities and towns (including one community free area ), including 1 city county and 15 large district towns

The regions with their urban and rural districts:

The 15 major district towns ( under the administrative supervision of the Regional Council ):

  • Albstadt
  • Balingen
  • Biberach an der Riss
  • Ehingen (Donau)
  • Friedrichshafen
  • Leutkirch im Allgäu
  • Metzingen
  • Mossingen
  • Ravensburg
  • Reutlingen
  • Rottenburg am Neckar
  • Tübingen
  • Überlingen
  • Wangen im Allgäu
  • Vineyard