Tubular Beats


Tubular Beats is a remix album, which was created in a collaboration between Mike Oldfield and Torsten Stenzel from the band York. It was published on 1 February 2013. Unlike previous club mixes, the album is a true collaboration between Oldfield and Stenzel, where part of the original multi-track tapes as well as from Oldfield newly installed components were used. In addition, Tarja Turunen sings the title " Never Too Far".

The album was released under the label Edel in Germany, although Oldfield is at Universal / Mercury under contract. A preview of the album cover showed Oldfield's Tubular Bells logo in blue and black on a white background.

A promo video of the song "Guilty of 2013 " was published on Earmusic and included an abridged version of "Guilty Electro Funk Mix". 2011, a screenshot of this video was published under the name of "Guilty 2011" by Moist Creations.

The title of "Tubular Bells 2 (Mike Oldfield & York Remix) " is different than the name suggests it, not the remix a track of the album "Tubular Bells II ", but a remix of the title " Finale" of the album "Tubular Bells " in a melody line of " a Minor Tune " of the same album is incorporated.

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