Tubular Bells III


Mike Oldfield (various instruments)


Tubular Bells III is a music album by the British musician Mike Oldfield from the year 1998. It is after Tubular Bells (1973) and Tubular Bells II ( 1992), the third album with this issue. It was followed in 1999 still The Millennium Bell. TB III was recorded between December 1996 and March 1998 in studios in Ibiza and London. In the best-of album XXV: The Essentials Oldfield published already an appetizer for TB III - but this version of Secrets on the actual album is not to be found.

Differences to previous works,

Unlike Oldfield Tubular Bells II differs considerably from the themes of his first work. TB II still put value on a parallel structure, but in TB III neither the known instrument announcement ( originally by Vivian Stanshall, in TB II by Alan Rickman ), nor to find the jaunty guitar end. Also the " moribund chorus" is installed only in a modified form and a completely different place. Only the opening sequence reminiscent of the beginning of Tubular Bells. In contrast to its predecessors here are also sung songs. Also Tubular Bells III is not divided into two long pieces; The individual tracks are independent.

Tubular Bells III is divided into 11 pieces. The tracks are The Source of Secrets, The Watchful Eye, Jewel in the Crown, Outcast ( approaches of the ' moribund chorus '), Serpent Dream, The Inner Child, Man in the Rain, The Top of the Morning, Moonwatch, Secrets and Far above the Clouds ( with the Tubular Bells ).

The song Man in the Rain contains the first piece of Tubular Bells series sung text. The vocals are not, as is often assumed, by Maggie Reilly ( who sang in Oldfields hit Moonlight Shadow ), but by Cara Dillon ( the singer of Polar Star ). The song has both chord progression Sion and percussion accompaniment, however strong analogies to Moonlight Shadow. The finale of "Far Above The Clouds" is a kind of synthesis of various Oldfield Highlights: The bass line is a fast -enacted version of the background of the instrument presentation of TB 1, to sound the magical drums from the climax of " Ommadawn " guitar solo and harmony vary " North Star " from " Platinum ".

Live performances

1998 saw TB III 's live premiere in London; Oldfield was again accompanied by an orchestra - some musicians were there already at the premiere of TB II. This live premiere appeared as a double DVD (including the premiere of Tubular Bells II at Edinburgh ).


Mike Oldfield plays most of the instruments himself; but he omitted in the booklet of the album on this list in more detail. As a guest singers were Cara from the group Polar Star, Heather Burnett (both at Man In The Rain ), Rosa Cedrón ( The Inner Child ) and Amar ( The Source Of Secrets, Jewel In The Crown and Secrets ) committed. At Far Above The Clouds share the vocals Clodagh Simonds of the folk group Mellow Candle and Franscesca Robertson.

Title list


UK # 4, D # 9 A # 4, CH # 26, F # 47, NL # 46, S # 31

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