Tula de Allende

20.05-other 99.35Koordinaten: 20 ° 3 ' N, 99 ° 21' W

Tula de Allende is a municipality in the Mexican state of Hidalgo. The seat of the municipality is the same Tula de Allende. The community had in 2010 103.919 inhabitants, its surface area is 337.1 km ².



The municipality of Tula de Allende is located in the southwest of the state of Hidalgo, about 70 kilometers north of Mexico City.

The municipality is bordered to the north by the Municipalities Chapantongo, Tepetitlán and Tezontepec de Aldama, to the east by Tlaxcoapan, Atotonilco de Tula and Atitalaquia and on the south by Tepeji de Ocampo. In the west the municipality borders the State of México.


Largest place of Municipalities is its eponymous capital, two other towns have more than 10,000 inhabitants. Overall, more than 70 villages are in the territory of the municipality of Tula de Allende.

Also in the municipality of Tula de Allende is the archaeological site of Tula.