Tula referred to:

  • Tula, an Indo - Iranian musical instrument similar to a Nay
  • Tula city in Russia
  • The Tula Oblast in central Russia
  • ( 8985 ) Tula, an asteroid
  • A Russian, military nuclear submarine of the Delta IV class, see Project 667BDRM
  • Tula ( archaeological site ), archaeological site in Mexico
  • Tula de Allende, modern city in Hidalgo, Mexico, near the archaeological site
  • Río Tula River in Mexico
  • Municipality of Tula, administrative unit of Tamaulipas, Mexico
  • Tula ( Tamaulipas ), in Mexico City
  • Tula (Sardinia ), Village at Lake Coghinas in Sardinia ( Italy)
  • Local, Occitan name of the city Tulle in Correze in France
  • Tuulijoki, river in Karelia
  • Tula (motorcycle manufacturer ) Russian motorcycle and scooter manufacturers
  • The artist name of the model Caroline Cossey
  • A niello decoration of precious metals, which is pressed into or engraved by steel plates filled with a kind of black paint, drawings, there is
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