Tulla ( Irish: Tullow; German: "hill" ) is a place and Parish in County Clare in the west-central Republic of Ireland.

Tulla was in the 13th century, the city charter (town charter); Tulla Church had been founded around 620 by St Mochuille. The round early ecclesiastical enclosure of the old church, near the present village is clearly visible in the aerial photograph; it is used as a cemetery. The Great Famine in Ireland the mid-19th century was hard on even Tulla; 1845-1851 the population declined in Tulla Parish from about 9000 to 6700 people.

Today Tulla is a small center of town, 20 km east of Ennis and about 25 km to the west of Lough Derg; the population of the Parish was established in 2006 with the Census 1032 people. Compared with 2002, this represents an increase of 34 % - mainly caused by the settlement of commuters to Ennis and to a lesser extent through the naturalization of foreign workers in the framework of the Celtic Tiger period.