Tumblr (from English to tumble, mess up ) is a blogging platform that can post to a blog with the user text, images, quotes, chat logs, links, and video as well as audio files. It is operated by the Tumblr, Inc., a company formed and registered under the laws of the State of Delaware corporation, which since May 2013 for possession of Yahoo.


Tumblr offers publishing self-generated and external content, in particular the " Reblogging " entries from other Tumblr blogs. The author of a work is this with the upload automatically for free use on Tumblr is available, which is a breach of copyright the mere " Reblog " excludes, insofar as the first blogger actually owns the rights to it. This makes it very easy for users to take content in their own blog. On Tumblr, however, the procedure has been established to a large extent, to name the author in the unquestioned use of images and with a link to the original. Registered users can select entries of other users as favorites and follow other users to make their entries in their " Dashboard " visible, which also serves to manage their own entries.


David Karp founded Tumblr in 2007 with Marco Arment. In 2010, Tumblr had more than 20 million users. To September 12, 2012 there were 73 million blogs 61.6 million daily entries. In Germany, the proportion of Tumblr users is about 3.5%. Comparatively users share in the U.S. is 30.8%. The Tumblr community consists largely of persons 13 to 22 years. Some users publish as for example, solely self- shot photos, while others specialize in the " Reblog " or own " posts" mix (English for entries) and Reblogs. The various blogs differ thematically greatly. A comprehensive breakdown into specific categories is hardly possible. Kim Jong- il Looking at Things is an example of a successful Tumblr blog.

Yahoo bought the blogging platform in May 2013 after a report to the Securities and Exchange Commission for " an estimated $ 990 million ." Founder David Karp therefore receives a premium of $ 110 million if he stays with the company for at least another four years.

The acquisition is in connection with a statement of CFO of Yahoo, one must appeal to more users aged 18 to 24 years. Furthermore, it was important to be Tumblr again "cool".