Tupã, São Paulo

The university town Tupã located in the southwest of the Brazilian state of São Paulo, near the border to neighboring Southern state of Paraná. The city had in the year 2000 63.300 inhabitants 624 km ². The name of the town goes back to the indigenous people, the Tupi Guaraní, which were located in this region.

The region is dominated by agriculture, particularly the production of sugarcane, soybeans, corn, and, increasingly, cassava ( tapioca). An increasing proportion of the sugar cane, as well as the cassava production for further processing into alcohol (ethanol ) was determined. The local industry in Tupã is determined by various factories in the food industry, and the furniture industry. The cultivation of coffee plants was reduced also because in recent years. In addition to farming and cattle breeding, in particular extensive cattle breeding, as well as the poultry and egg production. The neighboring Bastos is known in Brazil as "Capital do Ovo " (capital of eggs ( production ) ).

In addition to the agricultural industry (mills, oil mills, etc. ) is more pronounced in Tupã the food industry, and the furniture industry. The service sector is underperformed.


  • Íris Stefanelli ( born 1979 ), Brazilian television presenter