The Turbojugend (TJ) is a worldwide fan club of the Norwegian band Turbonegro. 2007 increased the number of members clubs, "Chapter ", called to more than 2,000. The Turbojugend numbers several thousand members who are recognized by their denim jackets ( robes ).


It began in 1996, when Turbonegro gave a concert in the clubhouse of FC St. Pauli, then let make Bela B. 15 patch with the inscription TJ St. Pauli. Three years later (1999) - Turbonegro had his time-resolved - acquired the Hamburg record label Bitzcore various rights to Turbonegro and made for himself and thirty more friends fifty Levi's denim jackets with the words Turbojugend St. Pauli embroider. The choice fell on these jackets, because Levi's Turbonegro during their Slim Fit Trucker Jacket advertising campaign supported as a sponsor and the so-called " denim look" was a trademark of the band is.

The TJ St. Pauli jackets attracted quick attention, but were not available for purchase to the annoyance of the constantly growing Turbojugend community. Subsequently decided Bitzcore to satisfy this demand by Turbojugend Oslo jackets that have been shipped worldwide. Soon after, the production of jackets has been extended to all city names. With the rising cult of the band, the number of youths Turbo, which does not remain hidden even the resolution at this time band Turbonegro grew. This fact and the 2001 published collection of cover versions of "Alpha Motherfuckers " with many international artists such as Queens of the Stone Age, Bela B. and HIM, among other Bitzcore, led by the successful treatment of the singer Hank von Helvete comeback of the band in year 2002.

Ratio of the band Turbonegro to Turbojugend

Turbonegro and the Turbojugend encourage each other and support each other in the respective popularity. Happy Tom describes the ratio of the band to Turbojugend as follows: "The Turbojugend is a Frankenstein's monster, did we created and now it is out of control" ( The Turbojugend is a Frankenstein monster we created, and now it's out of control ).

Symbolism and ethos

The logo of the Turbojugend, the leather cap, was elected by Turbonegro, because homosexuality was the only thing with which the embossed black metal music scene of the home country of Turbonegro, Norway, was provoked. Similar to the Punk appearance of Turbojugend is provocative, but it is largely apolitical, distances itself expressly from any right ideas and also makes it very clear that she does not want people with the right attitude among themselves. The Turbojugend belong to male and female members from different countries, cultures and social backgrounds and layers.


The official jacket Turbojugend is also called habit. Your imprint basically consists of the name of the respective Turbojugend, the so-called "Warrior name " of the cowl owner and the general Logo of youth. A cowl needs to youth events, such as concerts are supported, so you can be recognized as a member of Turbojugend. The cowl must never be washed, unless it was contaminated by vomit, then she may be cleaned with lukewarm water and a brush. However, after the use of scented sprays should be considered.

It has become common practice that the robes are decorated with buttons the other Turbo Youth Chapter. At concerts, these buttons will be replaced, though not least, the contact of the youths with each other promotes and raises a special sense of community.

Whether it is when attaching special accessories is on the cowl to " embellishments " or " Verschandelungen ", the viewer is reserved. For supporters of psychobilly or rockabilly scene is often found sewn tiger and leopard fur imitations.

Regulations, which may be transmitted to the cowl and what not, there is only one: There should be no patches of motorcycle clubs are attached.

Behalf of the youths

The name of the respective Turbojugend is freely selectable. From the TJ Anette 's rosette to TJ Astra ( beer) or TJ Bruce Lee his grave, anything is possible. However, the youths traditionally quote according to the place or the region from which they originate, such as TJ Boston or according to a modification of the name, such as TJ Stone Church ( from Steinakirchen ), TJ Scibes ( from Scheibbs ) or TJ Hotweiler ( from Ottweiler ). Occasionally there are also turbo youths with subtitles: TJ St. Pauli ( mother of all youths ), TJ Allendorf ( daughter of all youths ) or TJ Alkmaar ( welcome to Rudi Carellstadt ). In large cities is also the name of the corresponding hamlet possible ( " TJ Maxvorstadt " - a district of Munich: Munich Maxvorstadt, " TJ Cologne Südstädt " - for the Town of Cologne: Cologne Southtown )

World Turbojugend days ( WTJT )

Once a year, have been meeting since 2004, the Chapter of the Turbojugend in St. Pauli to get together for a weekend to celebrate. On the occasion of World Youth Day Turbo occur in various rock bands. On the second day of the second world - Turbojugend days played Turbonegro.

Become a tradition is the Sunday meeting at the Altona fish market where the WTJT find an unofficial statements.