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Turhal is a city in the Turkish province of Tokat.


In ancient times this place under the name Pontus Galatikus, Ustus Polemoniakus and Komona Pontik was known. She was under the name Ibora birthplace of the Christian monk Evagrius Ponticus the desert monasteries of Egypt. Records from the 3rd millennium BC prove the 5000 -year history of this town.

In the 30s of the 20th century was Turhal center of sugar beet processing. This finds expression in the town crest. Turhal in 1944 to a district town of the province of Tokat.

Geography and population

Turhal is located in the central portion of the region Bölgesi Karadeniz (Black Sea Region). The city has an area of 911 km ² and a population of 116 351 (1997).