The Turin Marathon ( official name Turin Marathon ) is a marathon, which takes place in Turin since 1991, usually in April. In terms of distance records it is among the fastest in Europe.


Start and finish the route, which leads clockwise around Turin and some neighboring communities, is on the south of the Piazza Castello Palazzo Madama. From there first goes over the Via Po to the left bank of the Po. Upstream, it then goes Moncalieri and Nichelino. There, the route turns to the west and leads to Beinasco and Orbassano, where the route turns north towards Rivalta and Rivoli just before the half way mark. The last third of the route runs westward across Collegno back to the center of Turin, where the target is on the west side of Palazzo Madama. A total of 164 meters in altitude to deal with.


A similar marathon race took place in Turin Already on 31 October 1897. On a 35 km long turning point route between Turin and None Cesare Ferrario won in 2:26:45 h the first real marathon in 1919 aligned. On the 42.75 km long route won in 2:40:47,6 h Valerio Arri, in Antwerp won the bronze medal in the marathon at the 1920 Summer Olympics. From 1921 to 1933, Marathon took place on the same route now held annually, at the 1930 Luigi Rossini ( who is the only twice won the race ) with h 2:38:23,4 the best time.

The marathon of the European Athletics Championships in 1934, in which the Finn Armas Toivonen won in 2:52:29,0 before the gates Enochsson Sweden and the Italian Aurelio Genghini should remain for 40 years, the last marathon in Turin. It was only on March 31, 1974 was a marathon held at provincial level, together first in 2:25:00 crossed the finish line at the Giovambattista Bassi, Marco Carbone and Renzo Musso.

On 19 March 1978, and on March 25, 1979, found a Maratona di Primavera takes on a route from Turin to Sommariva del Bosco. The first edition with 142 finishers won Giampaolo Messina in 2:21:26,3 h, in the second edition with 638 starters won Luciano Re Depaolini in 2:20:25 h and Elena Dugono, with 2:59:20 as one of the first Italian women under the three- hour mark remained. The organizer Lorenzo Abrate withdrew, and so no marathon in Turin took place in the following two years.

On March 14, 1982 presented by Enzo enthusiasts Zanchelli and the Marathon Club, a new event on the legs, which took place on a three -lap course on the banks of the Po. Potito Rubbio and Pietro Balbo won together in 2:14:50, but proved at a subsequent measurement of the distance that it was too short by two to three kilometers. Was held on 17 October 1982 organized by the CUS Torino, under the Campionato Italiano di Corsa another marathon with international involvement, the Belgian Marc De Blander won in 2:14:57. The scheduled for October 16, 1983 event in this series was, however, moved to Milan, so that in this as well in the next two years, the running of the Marathon Club was the only Turin Marathon. In these runs, each had more than a hundred participants, won Potito Rubbio 1983 in 2:28:25 h and Paolo Faraglioni 1984 and 1985 in 2:32:08 and 2:33:08.

After a year with no marathon today's event by Luigi Chiabrera was launched in 1987, which even now heads the organizing committee of the Turin Marathon. First was the running Susavigliana and led by Susa after Avigliana. 1991, a point-to- point link between Avigliana and the center of Turin has been introduced. The number of participants grew up in this time of nearly 900 to over 2000. Since 1998, the race is run on a circular route through Turin and its suburbs.

1993, 1998 and 2000, the Italian Marathon championships were held as part of the Turin Marathon.


Track records

  • Men: 2:07:45, Semretu Alemayehu (ETH ), 2001
  • Women: 2:26:22, Agnes Jepkemboi Kiprop (KEN ), 2009

Finisher 2010

  • 2087 runner finishes, 438 more than last year

List of winners

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