TV Asahi

The television station TV Asahi is the beacon transmitter of the All- Nippon News Network, a coalition of many TV station that is run by the TV Asahi Corporation (株式会社 テレビ朝日, Kabushiki - gaisha Terebi Asahi ). He is also known under the name EX and Tele- Asa (テレ朝, Tere Asa ). The Japanese television company, whose headquarters are located in Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo, writes her own name in lowercase letters as tv asahi. This notation applies to all public materials such as logos or images.


The company was founded on November 1, 1959 under the name Nihon Kyoiku Terebi (株式会社 日本 教育 テレビ, Kabushiki - gaisha Nihon Kyoiku Terebi, English Nihon Educational Television Co., Ltd., in short: NET. . ) And was acquired on 1 July 1957, the provisional license to broadcast a program. The goal was to provide a commercial educational television program, which even today is still a rarity in the television industry. At the time specified in the license of the radio station, which is provided at least 50 percent of broadcasting time for visual broadcasts, while the share of the education program for children is at least 30 % of total broadcast time. This model proved to be a mistake, however.

In 1960 NET changed its guidelines from in terms of a general television program. So the transmitter began quite early with the airing of anime and foreign films. In order not entirely to his reputation as " educational channel " to lose and to meet the requirements of the TV license justice, NET beaming the programs under the titles "Expansion of the emotional perception of a child " and " notice of foreign cultures " from. At the same time, the Nihon Educational Television station to NET TV (テレビNET, NET terebi ) renamed.

Seven years later (1967 ) began NET TV with the broadcast of the first color television program.

The transformation of the program into a general television program was completed in November 1973, when NET along with the educational channel Channel 12 (now known as TV Tokyo ) acquired a license for a general television. At the same time there was a further name change to NET Television General (総 合 局NET), which on 1 April 1977 further renamed to Asahi National Broadcasting Company Limited (全国 朝日 放送 株式会社, Asahi Hoso Zenkoku Kabushiki - gaisha ) followed.

In 1996, the corporation All- Nippon News Network (ANN ) (オール ニッポン ニュース·ネットワーク, ORU Nippon Nyūsu Nettowāku ) was founded and began a series of reforms, such as the standardization of local networks. Since October 2000, the company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

On 1 October 2003, the headquarters of Ark Hills Studio in Roppongi Hills (六本木 ヒルズ) was laid. The new main building was designed by Fumihiko Maki. At the same time, the company was renamed in TV Asahi Corporation and represented since then under the brand tv asahi. At this time, the company had about 1,300 employees and has financial deposit to the value of ¥ 36,642,800,000.

With transfer of international competitions in water sports or games of the World Cup and a popular late-night show program, succeeded TV Asahi, 2005, the jump at position two of the most watched television programs in Japan, just behind Fuji TV to create.

The analog antenna broadcast was set on 24 July 2011.


As a joy of the German reunification in 1990 the station called a fundraiser titled Sakura Campaign launched. It supplied about one million euros, with those in Berlin and the surrounding area by 2010 over 10,000 Japanese cherry trees were planted.