TV (disambiguation)

The abbreviation TV

  • Collective agreement in labor
  • (English television) colloquially the TV or the TV
  • Tennis club, sports club, sports club and see list of sports club shortcuts
  • Tera Volt in physics
  • Word processing as a school subject
  • Time value, in photography, see the auto iris
  • Trachtenverein
  • Transamerica Airlines, IATA code of the former U.S. airline
  • Trans International Airlines, IATA code of the former U.S. airline, see Transamerica Airlines
  • Or transvestism transvestite, more rarely travesty
  • Trierischer friend of the people, national daily from the Greater Trier and the associated publisher
  • TV - Club Leipzig, former section Animal Production and Veterinary Medicine at the Karl Marx University in Leipzig
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the ICAO code
  • Virgin Express, Belgian airline after the IATA code

TV as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Italy: Province of Treviso
  • Macedonia: Titov Veles - ( discontinued)
  • Montenegro: Tivat
  • Norway: Forde in the province of Sogn og Fjordane
  • Slovakia: Okres Trebišov

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