TV Langen

The Basketball Division The giraffes of the Turnverein 1862 eV Langen is the best known and most successful section of the roof society. The first men's team plays in the ProB. In the first women's basketball league Long is involved in the gaming community Rhein-Main Baskets. The third pillar of the association is the intensive youth development.


The TV Langen Langen situated in the Hessian, about 15 km south of Frankfurt am Main, was founded in 1862 and is the oldest club in the city. He now has about 2,400 members who exercise in 14 departments. In this article, the basketball department is considered in more exclusively.


For the TV Langen participate five men's and three women's teams at the divisional operations. The highest league of gentlemen is the ProB. The ladies take in cooperation with the TV Hofheim as Rhein -Main Baskets at the 1st Bundesliga DBBL part. In the field of youth is all ages - some in several parallel teams - promoted. The flagship is the male U19 playing in the junior basketball league ( NBBL ).

Youth concept

The self-chosen theme is from the TVL youth in the national leagues. The TV Langen want young players and players challenge and support so that they are excellent team players individually. In the past 30 years, Long has been used in the Bundesliga teams always young people from their own youth. Several recent national players have (also) played in their youth when TV Langen.

The U12 - work starts from the age of five years. The goal is to introduce as many kids to the sport of basketball. Only from the age of U14 takes place a separation of talent teams and amateur sports teams. The boundaries between the groups are fluid. In the talent teams young players are integrated, which are not challenged in their home clubs.

The promotion will take place in cooperation with the basketball associations, basketball part-time boarding (BTI ) and the University Sports Center Dreieich.


The first men's team played until 2010 19 seasons in the second division and led there to the so-called perpetual table. A total of four times the promotion to the 1st Bundesliga, but this was followed in three cases from the immediate re descent. From 1985 to 1988 it was three years in a row, first class. 2010 followed the descent into the ProB.

In youth, the different teams won the previous eight German league title and there were numerous other finals. These championships are spread over a period of 30 years and are a sign of continuity in youth work. The TV 1862 Langen they have been awarded the Green Belt of best talent in the club during the ceremony commemorating the twentieth anniversary of this award on 29 March 2006. We have continuously promoted their talents ( as the other two there excellent clubs) in a special way and thus achieved outstanding success in their sports.

  • U16 2005 ( male)
  • 1982 ( male)
  • 2007 (female)
  • 2006 ( male)
  • 1992 ( female)
  • 1984 ( male)
  • 2006 Senior II


Home ground is the Georg- Sehring Hall.


  • Reiner Tobien, player-coach and later manager of the TV Langen, record player next to Holger Geschwindner the Basketball Federation leagues (over 600 games in the first and second league), End of career with 41 years
  • Tim Nees, 1989-1992, assistant coach BBC Bayreuth, former German national team, the Italian Cup Winners' Cup with Benetton Treviso
  • Denis usurers, 1991-1992, U20 national coach, former German national team, German champion with TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen
  • Pascal Roller, 1993-1994, Frankfurt Skyliners, former German national team, German champion with Frankfurt
  • Johannes Herber, 1996-2002, Tigers Tübingen, ERMAN national team, German Master at Alba Berlin
  • Rick Stafford, 1997-1999, last coach at EnBW Ludwigsburg, German champion as a player of the Brose Baskets
  • Malick Badiane, 2002-2003, last Artland Dragons, Senegalese national team
  • Dominik Bahiense de Mello, 2005-2007, EWE Baskets Oldenburg, extended the national squad
  • Robin Benzing, 2006-2009, FC Bayern Munich, National player (already from the 2nd league in the TV Langen out )
  • Philipp Neumann, 2006 Brose Baskets Bamberg, youth national team and German champions with the Brose Baskets played in the U14 league for TV Langen