TVP ABC is the name of the division's program for children of Polish television Polish Television ( TVP). It took in February 2014 its operation. The program is aimed at children's movies, cartoons and child-friendly magazine programs to children aged between four and twelve years. For extended target group includes parents and educators. The plan is an " attractive and valuable program " that is aligned to the needs of the target group, but should also be an educational and cultural aspiration.

The new TVP - interest channel was announced in January 2013 as a digital offering. The Board of the Polish television asked the National Broadcasting Council ( KRRiT ) a DVB-T license and could thus prevail against Turner Broadcasting System and the Cartoon Network and Boomerang channels, as well as against Polsat kids.


The program launched the first DVB- T multiplex of Polish Television, as well as some cable networks. The distribution by IPTV and other cable networks is provided in the future and can be brought up gradually. Furthermore, a HbbTV portal is planned and dissemination as a hybrid television.