TW1 (Austria)

TW1 ( Tourism and Weather 1 ) was a digital, Austrian television station for the fields of travel, culture, entertainment, and weather with headquarters in Vienna.


TW1 was in October 2005, a 100 % owned by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ( ORF), which could, however, incur any expenses from the space occupied by him broadcasting fees for the financing of the transmitter. The transmitter was not seen as a public service broadcaster. The legal framework was given in accordance with § 9 of the ORF Act. On January 1, 2010 Peter Schöber Werner Mueck superseded as managing director and held this position together with Helmut Kaiser.

On October 26, 2011 ORF Sport Plus was transformed into an independent program, TW1 was replaced by the Culture and Information program ORF III. Due to delays in the approval of the start of transmission of ORF III has been moved from 1 May to 26 October 2011.


The program has been sent since 1997 on the Astra satellite at 19.2 ° East unencrypted ORF Digital package and via cable networks in Germany. Initially, the program was also aired some time terrestrial analog via the transmitter Gaisberg. Any dissemination via DVB- T was legally not possible, but was a test in Styria ( Mux C) performed.

TW1 could also be seen via a live Internet stream.


Many shipments of ORF 2 were repeated in the interest program TW1. There were also programs that were produced only for TW1.

Sport (only from 2000 to 2006)

In May 2000, the ORF started a regular sports bar with extensive coverage of minority sports on this program. Both live broadcasts and magazine programs were broadcast on TW1 several times a week.

Since May 2006, the sports programs were broadcast on TW1 not more, but in the form of a separate public interest channel on ORF SPORT , the Astra and cable shares the space program with TW1 to 26 October 2011. About DVB- T only ORF Sport Plus broadcast on Mux B, there was not permitted terrestrial loud ORF TW1 law. ORF SPORT retained after 26 October 2011, the frequency via DVB -T and was converted into the ORF SPORT new logo, also radiates its program of sports channels now made ​​around the clock.

Productions and exclusive broadcasts

  • In Barazon
  • Music from the Wilden Kaiser
  • Hello Austria, Hello Vienna ( in engl. Language )
  • Baby 's
  • Better Travel
  • Jazz brunch / night
  • Songs, country and people (even in the home channel )
  • Red-White- Red: Pictures of Austria
  • Speed ​​- the motor magazine
  • Use
  • Vivat Vinum

Repetitions of ORF productions

  • Bingo
  • The Sound of Austria
  • Seitenblicke
  • Beautiful life
  • Land and People
  • Concrete
  • Harry liabste Hütt'n
  • Animal's sake
  • Land of mountains
  • Brunch from Wald im Pinzgau
  • Phettbergs Cute conductivity show

Past Shows

  • Please put it down
  • Austria newsreel
  • Please to table
  • Jolly Joker

Special programs

At times longer lasting special programs were broadcast, such as the demolition of the towers of the transmitter Bisamberg or, for some time after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the simultaneous acquisition of English -translated Japanese program NHK World TV.