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Tynset is a municipality in the Norwegian Østerdalen. It has the function of a mean center. It includes the towns of Kvikne, Fåset and Savalen.

The municipality is bordered to the north by the municipality Rennebu, on the northeast by Os Østerdalen, in the east on the south by Tolga Alvdal, and to the west by Folldal.

The origin of the city lies at the confluence of the creek Tunna in the Glomma. The original name Tonset means " settlement on the Tunna ".

Tynset has a station on the Rørosbanen, a branch line between Hamar and Storlien, which runs approximately parallel to the main route Oslo - Trondheim.

In addition to an education center with various secondary schools there are in Tynset a hospital and a number of commercial enterprises. The place is an important shopping center in the region.


The writer Wolfgang Hildesheimer 1965 published a novel entitled Tynset. Just as the narrator of the novel, however, Hildesheimer Tynset knew only from the course book for the Norwegian Railways ( NSB).