Type 092 submarine

Xia class is the name of NATO for strategic submarine ( SSBN ) of the Chinese Navy with the ID 09- II (Type 092).


On April 30, 1981, the first boat of the Xia - class was launched from the dock. The class should initially form the backbone of China's strategic nuclear force. The design was very similar to the Russian Yankee - class and has a pressurized water reactor. A shaft drives the siebenblättrige screw. Was used in the Broad a pressure hull of the Han class, which was extended slightly to accommodate the launch tubes for missiles.

Armed is the boat with six 53.3 -cm torpedo tubes and 12 medium-range missiles. Perhaps missiles can be fired from Type CSS -N -3. Each of these missiles has a range of 972 nautical miles (1800 km) and a warhead with an explosive yield of 350 kT.

In 1992 the boat was equipped with new missiles and modernized from 1995 to 2001. The first problems were already occurred in the first test with CSS -N -3 missiles, so that only seven years after launching a successful missile test could be performed. Furthermore, there were several difficulties with the immersion element. For this reason, no building more boats. We chose instead to develop the Jin class as a replacement advance.

The only 2008 standing in the active service of the Xia - class boat had never made ​​a patrol to the time and was classified by Western experts as probably not ready for use.


After indefinite reports a second boat was launched, which was destroyed in 1985 as a result of an accident.

Also, the Xia - boat 406 is nicknamed " Big black elephant " because it is as slow as slow.