Typhoon Talim (2005)

Typhoon Talim (Chinese泰利, Pinyin Taili ) swept over Taiwan and China on 1 September 2005. Talim was until then the strongest typhoon of 2005, which reached the Chinese mainland.

In the early morning of September 1, 2005, the typhoon in Taiwan, where three people were killed by the storm and another 59 people were injured reached. The total area of the island of Taiwan was hit by the storm. The villages of Yilan and Hualien were exposed to the strongest typhoon. At times, 1.4 million households had no electricity and 620,000 households no water supply; also resulted in landslides and floods. The tornado had winds of up to 240 km / h

When hitting the Chinese mainland 6 hours later the storm had thus downgraded only a wind speed of 115 km / h and has a heavy tropical storm. The Zhejiang province was still hit hard and in this province alone over 10,000 houses were destroyed. Inter alia the city Wencheng was affected by flooding. In China, 102 people died as a result of the storm. The damage is about 1.2 billion euros, according to estimates of the Government of the PRC.

Talim was followed by the typhoon Nabi, which caused major damage in Japan.

  • Tropical Cyclone
  • Natural Disaster 2005