Tz’utujil language

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The Tzutuhil language, also Tz'utujil is the language of the indigenous people of Tzutuhil in Guatemala and, with close to a hundred thousand speakers to the larger Mayan languages ​​.


The Tzutuhil language is spoken on Lake Atitlán in the municipalities of San Juan La Laguna, San Pablo La Laguna, San Marcos La Laguna, San Pedro La Laguna and Santiago Atitlán, also by a small group in San Lucas Tolimán. Previously, the language area was significantly larger.

In the 2002 census gave 63 237 persons ( 0.6 %) Tz'utujil as their mother tongue; 78 498 (0.6%) described themselves as Tz'utujil.

SIL International divides the language in two languages ​​, Eastern Tzutuhil ( 50,000 people in 1998, Code TZJ ) and West Tzutuhil ( 34,000 speakers in 1990, code protected ). With a total of 84,000 so that SIL is the number of speakers is significantly higher than the official census of.