U engine

A U- motor is a reciprocating motor which is composed of two side by side placed in-line engines. He therefore has two crankshafts which rotate in opposite directions and are coupled via a gear drive or toothed chains / belts. The U- motor is used with the H - engine in which two 180 ° V-type engines are connected. Other names for the U motor are, for example, " double row engine ".

U engines are very rare, because it is heavier than a corresponding V-engine. You have but on the other side from 4 cylinders the advantage of a perfect balance of free mass forces and moments 1st and 2nd order.

Some diesel engines for locomotives were built as underground motors Sulzer in Winterthur in Switzerland. They developed in the 1930s, a series of diesel engines U12 (the " LD- series " and the later " LDA - series" ) that were produced over 50 years. Various cylinder sizes were built - for example, " 19" with 190 mm bore, " 22" with 220 mm bore, "25" with 250 mm bore, " 28" with 280 mm bore and " 31" with 310 mm bore. The engines were in different countries such as United Kingdom, Bulgaria, China, France, Poland and Romania for use.

Another example is the 1916 developed by Bugatti, but not accepted by the French Air Force, aircraft engine Bugatti U16. He was licensed Duesenberg end of 1917 in the U.S. and there optimized by the engineer Charles Brady King to King - Bugatti U-16. Of the projected 2000 Pieces 1919 40 units were built at Duesenberg to start. However, the U-16 came in no more aircraft are used. The fact -based and designed in 1925 U-16 Type 34 was never built. However, double- supercharged 16-cylinder U engines were used in the sports and racing cars Bugatti "Type 47" and "Type 45 ". There were water-cooled four-stroke engines that were 1929/1930 designed and produced.


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