U.S. Route 11

U.S. Highway 11 ( U.S. 11 short ) is a United States highway in the United States. The highway begins in Louisiana on U.S. Highway 90 near the city of New Orleans and ends at the Canadian border at Rouses Point, New York. In Canada, the secondary road is named Quebec Route 223

By the year 1929, the U.S. ended 11 south of Picayune on the Pearl River, which forms the border between Louisiana and Mississippi.

Between the cities of Knoxville, Tennessee and Bristol, Virginia, the highway is similar to the Interstate 35 split into two separate roads U.S. Highway 11W and 11E.

Shuttle and Workarounds

  • U.S. Highway 111, was dissolved in 1963
  • U.S. Highway 211
  • U.S. Highway 311
  • U.S. Highway 411
  • U.S. Highway 511, was dissolved in 1929
  • U.S. Highway 611, was closed down in 1972
  • U.S. Highway 711, was dissolved in 1927