U.S. Route 12

U.S. Highway 12 ( U.S. 12 short ) is an eastward extending from west United States highway in the United States.

It starts on the Pacific Ocean at Grays Harbor and ends after about 4000 km in Detroit. For the regional transport this highway is still significant, while the national transport preferred on Interstate 90 and Interstate 94 runs, which are approximately parallel.



In this state, the highway Aberdeen ( Washington) connects the west and Clarkston (Washington) in the east. A section here follows approximately the Lewis and Clark Expedition and is therefore marked as Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. In Clarkston of the Snake River Highway overcomes.


In this state the Highway Lewiston ( Idaho) connects the west and the Lolo Pass in the east. From Lewiston it goes into winding roads initially on Clearwater River ( Idaho) and then continue on the Lochsa River upstream. Again, the highway is marked as Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and also executes the majority of the Clearwater National Forest.


In this state of the Lolo Pass Highway to the west and Baker ( Montana) connects the east. The route leads through the Lolo National Forest and the Helena National Forest.

North Dakota

This section of the highway is only about 141 km long. The roadway is undivided and two lanes.

South Dakota

In this state connects the Highway Lemmon (South Dakota) in the west and Big Stone City (South Dakota) in the east. After crossing the Missouri River it is partially expanded to four lanes.


In this state, the highway Ortonville (Minnesota) connects the west and Saint Paul (Minnesota ) to the east. The section between Wayzata (Minnesota) and Minnetonka is expanded to six lanes.


In this state, the highway Roberts ( Wisconsin) connects to the west with Elkhorn (Wisconsin ) and Genoa City (Wisconsin ) in the southeast. In Roberts the St. Croix River (Mississippi River) is crossed and at Sauk City Wisconsin River.


In this state the Highway Richmond ( Illinois) connects to the north with the south of it Des Plaines and then performs close to the Lake Michigan in the Chicago metropolitan area.


This only around 73 km long stretch of highway circles the southern shore of Lake Michigan to Michiana Shores (Indiana).


In this state the Highway New Buffalo (Michigan) connects the west and in the east of Detroit. In between Ypsilanti (Michigan) and Dearborn.


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  • Street in North Dakota
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  • Road in Illinois
  • Road in Indiana
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