U.S. Route 163

U.S. Highway 163 (abbreviated U.S. 163 ) is a United States highway in the United States with a length of 103 km.

It runs in a north -south direction with the endpoints Bluff in the north and in the south of Kayenta. The road passes through the states of Arizona and Utah on the Colorado Plateau with its known forms of erosion in red sandstone. A 77 km long section, which is excellent because of its spectacular landscape as a National Scenic Byway, runs through the Navajo Nation. This includes the section along the Monument Valley, which was often shown in popular movies, or even just north of Kayenta the views of the volcanic vent Agathla Peak and some other manifestations of the Navajo Volcanic Fields.

Unlike the common system of numbering of AASHTO, after which the U.S. 163 should actually be a feeder or a bypass route of U.S. Highway 63, there is no relationship between them.


Between the years 1962 and 1971, the road was known as the Arizona State Route 464, and in 1971 promoted to U.S. Highway.

U.S. 163: Monument Valley

U.S. 163: Navajo land

Monument Valley