U.S. Route 34

Its western terminus is the junction with U.S. Highway 40 in Granby in the midst of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The eastern end is located at the confluence with the Illinois State Route 43 in Berwyn (Illinois ) in the western suburbs of Chicago.


The most important intersections and junctions

  • U.S. Highway 40 in Granby, Colorado
  • U.S. Highway 36 in Estes Park, Colorado
  • U.S. Highway 287 in Loveland, Colorado
  • Interstate 25 / U.S. Highway 87 in Loveland
  • U.S. Highway 85 in Greeley, Colorado
  • Interstate 76 / U.S. Highway 6 from Wiggins, Colorado to the west of Fort Morgan, Colorado - 15 km common course
  • U.S. Highway 385 in Wray, Colorado
  • U.S. Highway 6 of Culbertson, Nebraska to Hastings, Nebraska - 226 km of common course
  • U.S. Highway 83 in McCook, Nebraska
  • U.S. Highway 283 in Arapahoe, Nebraska
  • U.S. Highway 136 north of Edison, Nebraska
  • U.S. Highway 183 in Holdrege, Nebraska
  • U.S. Highway 281 from Hastings to Grand Iceland, Nebraska - 34 km common course
  • U.S. Highway 81 in York, Nebraska
  • Interstate 80 / U.S. Highway 77 in Lincoln, Nebraska
  • U.S. Highway 6 in Lincoln
  • U.S. Highway 75 from Union, Nebraska to Plattsmouth, Nebraska - 21 km common course
  • Interstate 29 at Pacific Junction, Iowa
  • U.S. Highway 275 south of Glenwood, Iowa - seven kilometers of common course
  • U.S. Highway 59 north of Emerson, Iowa
  • U.S. Highway 71 north of Villisca, Iowa
  • U.S. Highway 169 in Afton, Iowa
  • Interstate 35 at Osceola, Iowa
  • U.S. Highway 69 in Osceola
  • U.S. Highway 65 west of Canton, Iowa
  • U.S. Highway 63 in Ottumwa, Iowa
  • U.S. Highway 218 in Mount Pleasant, Iowa
  • U.S. Highway 61 at Burlinton, Iowa
  • U.S. Highway 67 at Monmouth, Illinois
  • Interstate 74 in Galesburg, Illinois
  • U.S. Highway 6 west of Princeton, Illinois - 25 km common course
  • Interstate 80 northeast of Princeton
  • U.S. Highway 52 in Mendota, Illinois
  • Interstate 39 / U.S. Highway 52 east of Mendota
  • U.S. Highway 30 west of Oswego, Illinois
  • Interstate 355 on the western edge of Downers Grove, Illinois
  • Interstate 294 on the western edge of Western Springs, Illinois
  • U.S. Highway 12 / U.S. Highway 20 west of Brookfield, Illinois
  • Illinois State Route 43 in Berwyn, Illinois


The route through the Rocky Mountain National Park is also known as Trail Ridge Road, the highest paved road with 3713 m the United States, is known.

The Highway 34 leads first to the north, where he led the Front Range and thus overcomes the Milner Pass and Front River Pass the highest section.

In Estes Park opens a U.S. Highway 36, which has reached its western terminus here. The road now leads straight to the east, parallel to the Big Thompson River and crosses in Loveland U.S. Highway 287 and east of the city Interstate 25 in the eastern neighboring city of Greeley Highway 34 meets U.S. Highway 85 divides on its route through Greeley the Highway 34 into a northern and a southern route that unite the east of the city.

The road now continues in an east - southeasterly direction and unites with Wiggins with the running along with Interstate 76 U.S. Highway 6 west of Fort Morgan leaves of Highway 34, the common route back to the southeast to in the further east Wray the U.S. Highway 385 crossing and after a few kilometers to the east to reach the border between the states of Colorado and Nebraska.


Highway 34 is the main east-west axis in southern Nebraska.

In the small town of Haigler of Highway 34 passes to Nebraska and performs a number of other smaller towns to the east. To the west of Culbertson begins another common route of Hwy 6 226 km in length. A few kilometers east crosses in McCook U.S. Highway 83, shortly after discharges of U.S. Highway 136 and the common route of Highways 6 and 34 now leads further to the east. A little later, the road bends to the northeast and reached in Holdrege the junction with U.S. Highway 183 in Hastings, the common course ends with the Highway 6 Highway 34 bends here together with U.S. Highway 281 to the north. After that, the road crosses the Platte River.

After the intersection with Interstate 80, the highway turns 34 south of Grand Iceland to the east and cross back over the Platte River. Just north of York crosses U.S. Highway 81 Further east reaches of Highway 34 to the Lincoln Airport, the urban area of ​​the capital of Nebraska. The road now leads through the city and meets again on Highway 6 and Interstate 80 and the coextending with her U.S. Highway 77

After leaving the city of Lincoln Highway 34 leads straight to the east until it meets on U.S. Highway 75 in Union and jointly leads with this in a straight line to the north. In just a few kilometers south of Omaha lying Plattsmouth, that takes its name from the nearby mouth of the Platte River in the Missouri River, turn the Highway 34 east again and reaches the Missouri River, which forms the border between the states of Nebraska and Iowa.


In Iowa 's Highway 34, the main east-west connection in the south of the state near the border to Kansas.

After Iowa, the road passes through the the Missouri about crossing Plattsmouth Bridge between Plattsmouth and Pacific Junction, where the interstate crossed added 29, as well as in Glenwood U.S. Highway 275 north of Emerson crosses U.S. Highway 59, the Highway leads on its way to the east at Viking Lake State Park and crosses over a few miles west of it the U.S. Highway 71 at Afton flows from the south of U.S. Highway 169 and leaves after seven kilometers a common route for this. again in a northerly direction On the western edge of Osceola crosses Interstate 35, in the city there is a junction with U.S. Highway 69 in the more eastern city of Ottumwa crosses U.S. Highway 63

In Mount Pleasant to Highway 34 divides into a northern and a southern route and meets on the eastern ring road on U.S. Highway 218, the road bends to the southeast from now and leads a little later on the northern edge of the site of the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant ( Army ammunition factory of Iowa) along. After West Burlington crosses U.S. Highway 61 and the City now leads north of downtown Burlington by the Mississippi River. This forms the border with Illinois, which is reached via the Great River Bridge.

The largest part of the route through Iowa is also called Bluegrass Highway. Parallel to Highway 34 runs the route of the BNSF Railway, which runs on even the people express Amtrak California Zephyr.

Officially there is for the Highway 34 in Iowa, the name Red Bull Highway, named after the 34th U.S. Infantry Division (Red Bull ).


After the Highway of Iowa has coming reached the state of Illinois, he meets in his east - north-east course at the outlining of Monmouth on U.S. Highway 67 on the north-western bypass of Galesburg crosses U.S. Highway 150, north of the city Interstate 74

Next the road turns northeast. West of Princeton meets the Highway 6 again onto Highway 34 and runs with this on a 25 km long common path. In the city center Princeton Highway, the common route leaves 34 again in a north-easterly direction and crosses on the northeastern edge of the city again Interstate 80 just before the town of Mendota changes of Highway 34 his direction crosses back to the east, in the center of U.S. Highway 52 East of the town of Highway 34 crosses Interstate 39 and the coextending with her U.S. Highway 51

The road now runs further east- north-easterly direction and enters Oswego in the Chicagoland area. Behind Oswego crosses U.S. Highway 30 From now on, wearing the Highway 34 to its end the name of Ogden Avenue, named after William Butler Ogden, the first mayor of Chicago. The Highway 34 now leads through Naperville and crosses in front of Downers Grove Interstate 355 on the western edge of Western Springs crosses Interstate 294 Further east crossing of Highway 34, the coextending U.S. Highways 20 and 45, before in Berwyn with the confluence with the Illinois State Route 43, the eastern end of Highway 34 is achieved.

Before Interstate 55 was completed, ran the Route 66 and Highway 34 jointly by the Chicago metropolitan area. With the utter dissolution of Route 66 and the end point of Highway 34 has been moved from the center of Chicago to the southwest to its present location.


It is planned to build a new bridge from Nebraska to Iowa over the Missouri River. This should be further north to the south of Bellevue (Nebraska ) at the Omaha airport.