U.S. Route 36

U.S. Highway 36 is a 2276 km long in east-west direction extending highway through the middle of the United States. The western terminus is at the junction with U.S. Highway 34 in Rocky Mountain National Park, near Denver in Colorado, the eastern to the junction with U.S. Highway 250 in Uhrichsville in eastern Ohio.


The most important intersections and junctions

  • Interstate 25 at Welby, Colorado
  • Interstate 270 from Welby to Denver - 8 km common course
  • Interstate 76 at Welby
  • Interstate 70 from Denver to Byers, Colorado - 60 km common course
  • Interstate 225 in Aurora, Colorado
  • U.S. Highway 81 in Belleville, Kansas
  • Interstate 229 in St. Joseph, Missouri
  • Interstate 29 in St. Joseph
  • Interstate 35 in Cameron, Missouri
  • U.S. Highway 61 in Missouri, Missouri
  • Interstate 72 from Hannibal to Decatur, Illinois - 217 km of common course
  • U.S. Highway 67 at Jacksonville, Illinois
  • Interstate 55 in Springfield, Illinois
  • U.S. Highway 51 in Decatur, Illinois
  • U.S. Highway 45 in Tuscola, Illinois
  • Interstate 57 in Tuscola
  • U.S. Highway 41 in Rockville, Indiana
  • Interstate 65 in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Interstate 70 in Indianapolis
  • Interstate 74 in Indianapolis
  • U.S. Highway 31 in Indianapolis
  • U.S. Highway 40 in Indianapolis
  • U.S. Highway 52 in Indianapolis
  • U.S. Highway 127 / Ohio State Route 571 in Greenville, Ohio
  • Interstate 75 in Piqua, Ohio
  • U.S. Highway 68 in Urbana, Ohio
  • U.S. Highway 33 in Marysville ( Ohio ), Ohio
  • U.S. Highway 23 / U.S. Highway 42 in Delaware, Ohio
  • Interstate 71 in Sunbury, Ohio
  • U.S. Highway 62 in Millwood, Ohio
  • Interstate 77 in Newcomerstown, Ohio


In Colorado, the 100 km long section of Boulder is expanded highway-like through the Denver metropolitan area to Byers.

A few kilometers after the start of Highway 36 leads through the small town of Estes Park and leads thence in a southeasterly direction to Lyons. Then it goes straight to the south and reaches in Boulder the removed section. This is divided into four parts:

  • The 29 km long former toll Denver - Boulder Turnpike Boulder to Westminster,
  • The 3.2 km long former former Colorado State Highway 382 from Westminster to Welby,
  • The congruent extending to 8 km of the Interstate 270 section of Welby to Denver and
  • The congruent extending to 60 km of the Interstate 70 section from Denver to Byers.

Since 2005, the Interstate 70 and Interstate 270 overlapping extending portions are not more than U.S. Highway 36 marks.

The remainder of the highway in eastern Colorado, which leads through the Great Plains, is again marked only as Highway 36. Due to the sparsely populated area, the road than conventional two-lane highway. A few kilometers east of the intersection with U.S. Highway 385 passes the Highway 36, the border between the states of Colorado and Kansas.


Through the Kansas Highway leads on the entire section through very sparsely populated area along the northern border with the neighboring state of Nebraska.

The first city in Kansas is St. Francis of where Highway 36 leads in a straight line to the east. In Oberlin crosses U.S. Highway 83, U.S. Highway 283 in Norton and Phillipsburg U.S. Highway 183, before opening into Smith Center from the south. It now runs in conjunction with the Highway 36 together to the east in order to turn after 19 km to the north.

After the Highway now on was just to the east, now crosses in Belleville U.S. Highway 81, which leads to Salina and Wichita, the largest city in Kansas. Highway 36 extends further in a straight line to the east and meets in Fairview on the crossing U.S. Highway 75 crosses Further east at Hiawatha U.S. Highway 73

East of Wathena the road is four lanes and approaches the Missouri River. Behind Elwood crosses a bridge over the river that forms the border between Kansas and Missouri.


The Highway 36 crosses the cities of St. Joseph, Cameron, Monroe City and Hannibal through Missouri. This route was designated 1922-1926 as Route 8. It is planned to expand to four lanes the entire section of Highway 36 through Missouri.

According to the Missouri Highway 36 via the Pony Express Bridge, which crosses the Missouri River and into the city of St. Joseph. Because of the connection to the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad formerly led from here the Pony Express as a postal route to the west.

In the center of St. Joseph the Interstate crosses 229 and U.S. Highway 59 A little later there is a bridge over U.S. Highway 169 on the western edge of the city in the running along with Interstate 29 U.S. Highway 71 crosses under.

A few kilometers further east ends the four-lane route. The Highway 36 continues to lead straight to the east and crosses into Cameron U.S. Highway 69 and on the eastern outskirts Interstate 35 Further east cruises at Chillicothe U.S. Highway 65 The road on the southern edge of Long branch state park pass and crosses a few kilometers east on U.S. Highway 63 Macon

In Monroe City opens U.S. Highway 24 and passes from here together with Highway 36 to the east. A few kilometers before Hannibal the Highway 24 turn back to the north.

Further east of Highway 36 passes the regional airport of Hannibal. North of the city center of the Highway 36 runs after the intersection with U.S. Highway 61 in conjunction with the present in expanding Interstate 72 via the Mark Twain Memorial Bridge, which spans the Mississippi River, leaving the Highway 36 along with Interstate 72 the state of Missouri in direction of the opposite riverbank located the State of Illinois.


Due to the Illinois State Highway 36 runs the most part, along with Interstate 72

The road continues straight to the east. 19 km northeast of Pittsfield crosses the street the Illinois River. Southwest of Jacksonville crosses U.S. Highway 67 Further east reaches of Highway 36 and Interstate 72 share Springfield, the capital of Illinois. The road leads past the city and crosses Interstate 55 After 60 km east of Highway 36 leaves Interstate 72 and runs through downtown Decatur, where U.S. Highway 51 crosses.

The Highway 36 passes through the airport of Decatur and leaves the city in a southeasterly direction. Later, the course changes again to the east. Crosses in front of Tuscola U.S. Highway 45, east of the city Interstate 57 In Chrisman crosses U.S. Highway 150 and after another 12 km to the east is the border between the states of Illinois and Indiana.


In Dana, the highway runs through the first location in Indiana. To the east of the Highway 36 crosses the Wabash River in Montezuma. In further east Rockville crosses U.S. Highway 41, U.S. Highway 231 a few miles after passing the Cecil M. Harden Lake.

After the Highway 36 further led straight to the east, the city of Indianapolis is achieved, the capital of the state of Indiana. Here the Highway 36 portion of the bypass and continues south around the city. The ring road takes you past the Indianapolis airport and strikes the Interstates 65, 70 and 74 and U.S. Highways 31, 40, 52 and 421

In Lawrence of Highway 36 leaves the ring road and leads in a northeasterly direction from the metropolitan area of ​​Indianapolis addition. In Pendleton, the road bends back to the east. In Losantville crosses U.S. Highway 35 and U.S. Highway 27 in Lynn, after a further 11 km before the border between the states of Indiana and Ohio is achieved.


After the Highway 36 led first by some smaller towns, Greenville is achieved as the first major city in Ohio. There, the Highway 36 meets U.S. Highway 127 and a whole bunch secondary roads. The road runs on nch East and cruises at Piqua Interstate 75 in the center of the Urbana U.S. Highway 68 crosses Continue east to the north-east of Highway 36 leads together with U.S. Highway 33 as a bypass road north to Marysville around. In Delaware, the Highway 36 meets U.S. Highways 23 and 42

After the Highway 36 ran through the Alum Creek State Park, crosses Interstate 71 After an initial course of the southeastern direction swung back to a east - north-east course and reached Mount Vernon, where the road passes through the city center. In Millwood crosses U.S. Highway 62, the road now runs in a southeasterly direction, passing on the northern outskirts of Coshocton, where the direction changes again to the east. Behind Newcomerstown crosses Interstate 77 and the road leads back to the northeast. In Uhrichsville the eastern terminus of Highway 36 is reached at the intersection with U.S. Highway 250 and Ohio State Route 800.