U.S. Route 4

U.S. Highway 4 (just U.S. 4) is a United States highway in the northeastern United States. The highway begins at U.S. Highway 9 and 20 south of Albany in upstate New York and ends after 402 kilometers in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on Interstate 95, U.S. Highway 1 and the New Hampshire State Route 16


New York

The U.S. 4 runs in New York from the junction with U.S. Highway 9 and 20 in a northerly direction parallel to the Hudson River and meets shortly to Interstate 90, which bears the name Rensselaer County Veterans Memorial Highway in this section. The highway reaches Troy with the first major city to take in her through the historical Northern River Street with buildings dating back to 1840. Troy in the north of the road crosses the Hudson River and uses except for short sections together with New York State Route 32 the same route.

In its course of U.S. Highway 4 crosses as the Saratoga National Historical Park. In the village of Hudson Falls, the State Route 32 separates again from U.S. 4 further extends in a northeasterly direction, passing to the west of the Adirondack State Park. From the village of Whitehall, the highway leads to the east and reached after about 15 kilometers, the border of the neighboring Federal State of Vermont.


From the border of the U.S. Highway runs as a ring road with freeway standard to places like Fair Haven or West Rutland to the east. The old route of the highway, however, is used by the Vermont State Route 4A. The freeway ends after 30 kilometers to the south of Rutland on U.S. Highway 7 The U.S. leads 4 in connection northbound into downtown Rutland, and leaves them in a northeasterly direction. In the field of community Killington with the branch of the Vermont State Route 100, the highway reaches its northernmost point.

West of the town of Hartford meets U.S. Highway 4 to Interstate 89 and east of the city on Interstate 91, but without a direct connection to this. In the town of White River Junction he shares with U.S. Highway 5 for about a kilometer the path. In the north- east of the city reached the street with the crossing of the Connecticut River the State of New Hampshire.

New Hampshire

With West Lebanon, the highway passes through the first town in New Hampshire. To the west and east it crosses twice Interstate 89 from the junction of the New Hampshire State Route 118 in Canaan, the road to the south and passes it smaller places like Danbury, Andover and Salisbury. In Boscawen it is crossed by U.S. Highway 3. From Exit 17 east of Penacook U.S. Highway 4 uses the first route of the Interstate 93, which is referred to in this section as Senator Styles Bridges Highway, and runs parallel to the Merrimack River.

From Concord, he shares following the route of the Interstate 393 together with U.S. Highway 202 on the entire length. After the end of the I- 393, the route also from the New Hampshire State Route 9 is used and runs in an easterly direction. The highway passes in this Constitution, including the Northwood and the Harvey Lake. In Northwood, the U.S. 202 and NH 9 separate again from U.S. Highway 4 north of the Great Bay he starts the route of the New Hampshire State Route 16, which bears on this route also the name Spaulding Turnpike to use. In the north- west of Portsmouth U.S. 4 terminates at an intersection with Interstate 95, which will be called on this toll road section of the New Hampshire Turnpike and U.S. Highway 1 and the New Hampshire Route 16 after a total of 402 kilometers.


A former shuttle was the U.S. Highway 104, which belongs since 1972 to the New York State Route 104.