U.S. Route 49

U.S. Highway 49 ( U.S. 49 short ) is a United States highway in the United States. It begins at U.S. Highway 90 in Gulfport, Mississippi, and ends after 830 miles on U.S. Highway 62 in Piggott, Arkansas.



From Gulfport on the coast to the Gulf of Mexico, the highway runs in a northerly direction and take in the north of the city on Interstate 10 north of Wiggins he crosses the De Soto National Forest. After a cross with U.S. Highway 98, which was converted into Freeway and is used as a feeder to Interstate 59, leads the U.S. 49 through the city center of Hattiesburg and meets U.S. Highway 11 North of town it crosses the I-59 and runs in a north -westerly direction.

In the south of the metropolitan area of Jackson, the capital of the state, uses the U.S. Highway 49 at first the route of Interstate 20 and following Interstate 220 ​​He does not hit on Interstate 55 as well as on the U.S. Highway 51 runs The road through the center of Jackson and leaves the metropolitan area again in the Northwest.

North of the city Yazoo City, the highway divides into an eastern and a western route, which are accordingly called U.S. Highway 49E or U.S. Highway 49W. The eastern route runs in a northeasterly direction to Greenwood and then in a north- westward to Tutwiler, where the two sections meet again. The western section runs about after Indianola Tutwiler.

In the south of Clarksdale U.S. 49 forms together with U.S. Highway 61, a detour route and meets shortly thereafter on U.S. Highway 278 From Clarksdale he merges with U.S. 61 heading north to the town of Rich. Shortly thereafter, the road reaches the crossing of the Mississippi River the state of Arkansas.


The first city in Arkansas on U.S. Highway 49 West Helena. Following the Highway runs initially in a westerly and then in a northerly direction. In Brinkley, he meets Interstate 40 and U.S. Highways 63 and on the 70th, the road leaves Brinkley in a northeasterly direction and is crossed in Fair Oaks from U.S. Highway 64.

In the south of Jonesboro U.S. 49, together with the U.S. 63 bypass a route and passes through the eastern part of the city. The highway passes in the West Arkansas State University and leaves shortly thereafter the city to the northeast. In Paragould, he meets U.S. Highway 412 in the north- east Arkansas U.S. Highway 49 ends after 830 kilometers in Piggott on U.S. Highway 62