U.S. Route 60

U.S. Highway 60 ( U.S. 60 short ) is a highway in the United States, which runs through nine states. By 1925, the former Route 66 had held the number 60. When the highway was given the number 60, he ended up in Springfield, Missouri. Since 2005, the road ends in Virginia Beach, Virginia. From 1932 to 1966, it began in Los Angeles until the beginning have been moved to Quartzsite, Arizona to Interstate 10. The section between Los Angeles and the border with Arizona became the California State Route 60

Shuttle and Workarounds

  • U.S. Highway 160 runs from Tuba City to Poplar Bluff
  • U.S. Highway 260, leading from Springerville to Holbrook, is now part of U.S. Highway 180
  • U.S.: Highway 360, runs from Danville to Reedville
  • U.S. Highway 460 runs from Frankfort to Norfolk