U.S. Route 62

U.S. Highway 62 runs from the northeastern United States in the Southwest. The southwestern end point is located on the Mexican border in El Paso, Texas, the northeastern Niagara Falls in upstate New York near the Niagara Falls located on the Canadian border.

In its western section of U.S. Highway 62 follows partly the Ozark Trail to the historic bridge over the Canadian River in Newcastle ( Oklahoma).


Texas and New Mexico

Highway 62 runs along two sections across Texas, interrupted by a route through New Mexico. The highway begins immediately in El Paso on the border with Mexico and leads in an easterly direction together with U.S. Highway 180 out of town. The road on the southeast edge of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park along and then reached New Mexico.

The Highway 62 reaches the southeast edge of Carlsbad Caverns National Park with its famous stalactite caves before the city Carlsbad is achieved. To the west of the state of Texas will once again reached behind Hobbs. In Seminole U.S. Highway 385 intersects Highway 62 turn here to the northeast and reached Lubbock, where Highway 62 to Interstate 27 with the running on the same route U.S. Highway 87 and U.S. Highway 84 crosses.

About Lorenzo Highway 62 leads to Ralls, where the road turns north to 70 leads in Floydada from the junction with U.S. Highway back in an easterly direction. In Matador Texas State Highway 70 crosses, from Paducah, the road in a northerly direction congruent with U.S. Highway 83

Behind Childress, where U.S. Highway 287 crosses, a branch occurs to the east and 15 km from the border between Texas and Oklahoma is achieved.


Through the Southwest Oklahoma Highway 62 extends in an easterly direction. 52 km after the junction with U.S. Highway 183 turns of Highway 62 in Lawton to the north and extends 13 km congruent with Interstate 44 and U.S. Highway 281 to the northern suburbs. From there, the other route via Apache after Anadarko, where the road turns to the east and the congruent course ends with Highway 281. In Chickasha Highway 62 meets again on Interstate 44 and U.S. Highways 81 and 277 run together with the Highways 62 and 277 now in a northeasterly direction to Newcastle, where the Canadian River is crossed. From here it is 30 km north to Oklahoma City, where the Highway 62 largely coextensive with Interstate 44.

The Highway 62 leaves Oklahoma City in an easterly direction and runs through Choctaw, Harrah, the junction with U.S. Highway 177, Meeker and the junction with U.S. Highway 377 in Prague after Okemah. There, the Highway 62 leads to Interstate 40 and is coextensive with that in an easterly direction. After 29 km, it leaves the Interstate again to lead jointly with U.S. Highway 75 Henryetta north to Okmulgee. To the east, the path now leads to Muskogee, which is achieved together with U.S. Highway 64. In the city is crossed by the junction with U.S. Highway 69 to the Arkansas River.

To the east is now reached about 40 km Tahlequah. Further east, crosses at Westville U.S. Highway 59 before the border between Oklahoma and Arkansas is achieved.


Highway 62 runs in Arkansas first 40 km to the east until it meets at Fayetteville on the coextending Interstate 540 and U.S. Highway 71. These together the Highway 62 now runs in a northerly direction over Springdale to Rogers, where the highway leaves the common route and in an easterly direction through the Ozark Plateau. Behind Green Forest leads the U.S. Highway 412 and runs henceforth jointly with Highway 62 to the east. In Harrison crosses U.S. Highway 65 puts and runs through Mountain Home to the junction of U.S. Highway 167 and a short time later the U.S. Highway 63 in Cherokee Village. In Imboden of Highway 62 leaves the common course with the U.S. Highways 63 and 412 and reached Pocahontas.

From there, the road continues to the east together with U.S. Highway 67 to Corning, where Highway 67 leaves the common course in a northerly direction. In Piggott of U.S. Highway 49 and Highway 62 turn leads 3 km outside the town to the north, to enable a further 9 km to reach the border between the states of Arkansas and Missouri.


About Campbell, the road in a northeasterly direction to Malden. From there, the highway leads 32 km to the east and meets at Howardville near the Mississippi River on U.S. Highway 61 on a common line the highways passing through New Madrid and then north to Sikeston. From there, the highway runs 62 alone again, to unite behind Charleston with U.S. Highway 60. After 21 km of Highway 62 reached the western banks of the Mississippi River and leads over a bridge from Missouri to Illinois.

Between Malden and New Madrid today's Highway 62 was originally defined as Route 82 in 1922 and later renamed the Highway 62 existing today. The section west of Malden was renamed to the establishment of the Highway 62.


By Illinois leads the Highway 62 (together with U.S. Highway 60) through a 1 km long section between the bridges of Missouri on the Mississippi River and Illinois together with U.S. Highway 51 across the Ohio River to Kentucky south of the city of Cairo.


Highway 62 leads in Kentucky first together with Highway 51 to the southeast. In Bardwell of Highway 62 leaves the common stretch to the east. In Paducah Highway 62 reaches the mouth of the Tennessee River again the Ohio River.

After the Highway 62 runs through the major tourist area on the Staussen the Tennessee River. About Eddyville, Princeton, the junction with U.S. Highway 41, Central City with the intersection of U.S. Highway 431 and Leitchfield Elizabethtown is achieved near Fort Knox.

In Bardstown crosses U.S. Highway 150 Highway 62 now leads in an easterly direction, which gradually merges into the afternoon. In Lawrenceburg crosses U.S. Highway 127 after the intersection with Interstate 64 Georgetown is reached where U.S. Highway 25 crosses. After leaving the city, the highway crosses 62 Interstate 75 About Cynthiana with the intersection of U.S. Highway 27 leads the Highway 62 Maysville, where on the bridge over the Ohio River, the border between the states of Kentucky and Ohio is achieved.


About the Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge of Highway 62 performs together with U.S. Highway 68 to Ohio. In Ripley both highways leave together the banks of the Ohio River. Shortly thereafter, the Highway 62 leads alleim and reaches Hillsboro. In the city of Highway 62 runs north and crosses the city center U.S. Highway 50 42 km north crosses U.S. Highway 35 in the city of Washington Court House. From here the road runs again in a northeasterly direction, crossing the Interstate 71 and reached Columbus the capital of Ohio. There, the Highway 62 meets Interstate 70 and U.S. Highways 23, 33 and 40

In the further course towards the north-east of Highway 62 intersects U.S. Highway 36 and achieved together with U.S. Highway 30, the city of Canton ( Ohio). After that, the road passes through Alliance and Salem to Interstate 76 In the further course is Youngstown, after a further 20 km to the junction with Interstate 80 reaches the border between the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

It is planned to expand the section between Alliance and Salem with access to the Interstate 80 highway-like Hubbard Arterial.


In Sharon of Highway 62 comes to Pennsylvania. At the boundary between Ohio and Pennsylvania, the signs of the direction of travel from east to west in north-south changes. The Highway 62 performs Mercer with the junction with U.S. Highway 19 Franklin, where U.S. Highway 322 crosses. Here takes the road into the valley of the Allegheny River, runs on the banks of Highway 62 for a distance of 72 km. In Oil City, the river is crossed for the first time. Further to the northeast of the Allegheny National Forest is achieved, at the western edge of Highway 62 now runs along. Together with U.S. Highway 6 reaches the Highway 62, the city of Warren, where the Highway 6 turns again to the south. From Warren, it is another 20 km to the north, to the border between the states of Pennsylvania and New York is reached.

New York

Coming from the south, the Chautauqua County is first reached. There Interstate 86 is crossed. In the further course of the north- north-east Highway 62 leads through Gowanda to Hamburg. A few kilometers later, a bridge over Interstate 90 (New York State Thruway ). Further north, the highway leads through Lackawana and reached Buffalo, the second largest city in the state of New York.

In Buffalo Interstate 190 passes under. North of the city of Buffalo leads the Highway 62 through Amherst and crosses under Interstate 290 In the further course of the Erie Canal is crossed and reached the city of Wheatfield. Later, the Niagara Falls International Airport is happening and Interstate 190 passes under again. After the Highway 62 in the city of Niagara Falls and enters splits into the actual Highway 62 and Business U.S. Route 62. Contrary to the predominant direction of Highway 62, the road by Niagara Falls in a westerly direction. On reaching the Rainbow Bridge which leads to Canada, the end of U.S. Highway 62 is reached.