U.S. Route 89A

U.S. Highway 89A ( U.S. 89A short ) is a United States highway in the United States. It is a variant of the U.S. Highway 89, the A stands for alternative. The highway opens up the east of the Arizona Strip, the sparsely populated and difficult to access northwestern Arizona. In this section, the street is often known as Fredonia - Vermilion Cliffs Scenic Road.


The route of U.S. 89A belonged to the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam to U.S. 89 Since 1960, this runs on a new more northerly road that runs through the Glen Canyon Bridge. Subsequently, the old route for U.S. Highway 89A.

From 1941 to 1992, there were in Arizona another road that held the designation U.S. Highway 89A. It started on U.S. 89 north of Prescott and ended back at U.S. 89 in Flagstaff. Since 1992, this section is excellent as Arizona State Route 89A.

The section between the border of Arizona and U.S. 89 in Kanab belonged some time to Utah State Route 11 The Act of 11 March 2008 but it was again renamed to U.S. Highway 89A.


The highway begins just south of Page on U.S. Highway 89 and ends in Kanab again on U.S. 89

In its course the U.S. 89A crosses the Colorado River at Lee 's Ferry on the Navajo Bridge, extends below the Vermilion Cliffs, over the Kaibab Plateau and through Fredonia. In the east, the road runs through a portion of the Navajo Nation. At Jacob Lake Arizona State Route 67 branches off, which ends up being impasse after 49 km at the northern edge of the Grand Canyon in the national park. There, different viewpoints over the Grand Canyon, including Cape Royal ( Grand Canyon ) to the Fairview Point located in 8,300 feet above sea level and the highest point above the canyon, the Point Imperial, with a height of 8,801 feet above the sea.