U.S. Route 91

U.S. Highway 91 ( U.S. 91 short ) is now only a north- south route from Idaho Falls in southern Idaho in the metropolitan area around Salt Lake City, Utah. Until the mid- 1970s he was a long distance route from Montana to California. This feature has since been adopted 15 Interstate. Part of the former route in California between Los Angeles and Riverside still exists as California State Route 91



The U.S. Highway 91 begins at Brigham City and then transferred to the Wellsville Mountains through Wellsville Canyon to Cache Valley. He happened to Mantua and Mantua Lake. The highway serves as the main road in the valley. The largest city is Logan. Both parts of the Cache Valley in Utah and Idaho belong to the Logan Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area.


The U.S. 91 continues on to Preston, the largest city of the Cache Valley in Idaho. The U.S. Highway passes then back to Interstate 15 and follows the Yellowstone Avenue in Pocatello to Idaho Falls.

Shuttle and Workarounds

  • U.S. Highway 191, between Douglas and Loring
  • U.S. Highway 491, between Gallup and Monticello