Uba River


Course of Uba ( Уба ) in the catchment area of the Irtysh

The Uba (Russian Уба ) is a right tributary of the Irtysh River in Kazakhstan East Kazakhstan region.

The Uba arises at the confluence of the Belaya Uba ( Белая Уба, "White Uba ", from left) and Chernaya Uba ( Чёрная Уба, "Black Uba ", from the right) in the western Altai. From there it flows in a westerly direction. It refers to the tributaries Stanowaja Uba Uba and Malaya. Finally, it passes through the city and empties into the Schemonaicha traversed by the Irtysh Schulbinsker reservoir. The Uba has a length of 278 km. The catchment area covers 9850 km ². At the level Schemonaicha, 62 km upstream of the estuary, the mean discharge ( MQ ) is 178 m³ / s