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Seven Pillars (Arabic أوباري, also Awbari ) is an oasis area in the southwest of Libya in the historic province of Fezzan in the United Munizip Wadi al - Haya. Main town is 40,000 (S 2003) inhabitants, Awbari.

Seven Pillars is located in the valley of Wadi al - Agial. In addition to this valley there are other oases and a road that Sabha, in the central area of the Sahara, and connects with Awaynat Ghat on the southwest border with Algeria. In the past, this road was one of the main routes of the trans-Saharan caravan route from the regions of West Africa to the ports on the Mediterranean. On this road about 30 km east of Seven Pillars to find the oasis town Garama with remnants of an ancient Berber capital of the Garamantes. Halfway between Ubari and Sabha are in Erg Awbari North four small oases with salt lakes, which are also tourist destinations. The most famous of them by Gaberoun. Seven Pillars is the capital of the Tuareg to Ghat merger Kel Ajjer.


At the outbreak of the First World War came the Ottoman Empire, allied with Austria and Germany, on 29 October 1914 in a war.

The Senussi, encouraged by the Turks tried to draw advantages from the situation and began a series of actions against the Italian garrisons and their supply convoys in Libya, while Italy still kept neutral.

Beginning in December 1914 came from Italy, the order to concentrate all forces in the Fezzan by Birak. They were then evacuated in several cities, including Ghadames. Nalut, attacked by Senussi, was shocked on 15 December by Italian troops, but was given Sabha lost. Then came the whole region of the Wadi ash- Shati ' in turmoil. The Italian withdrawal from all places in the Fezzan quickened. The crew of Mourzuk reached on 12 December as that of Ghat after a long march through the desert coast. In contrast, the garrison of Seven Pillars was attacked by insurgent Senussi with superior forces, and after much resistance completely destroyed.