UD Las Palmas

The Unión Deportiva Las Palmas SAD, known as UD Las Palmas, is a Spanish football club (sports corporation) with headquarters in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.


The club was founded on August 22, 1949 through the merger of five clubs CD Gran Canaria, Atlético Club, Club Victoria, Arenas Club and Marino CF. Their former coat of arms can be found today on the bottom of the club logo.

In October 1949 the club to participate with the best players of the club founder in official competitions began. Within just two years, promotion to the Spanish first division. After only two years in the top division one rose but in 1952 again. This was followed by two seasons in the Segunda División, before we again managed to rise and remained six years in the first division. In the 1959/60 season was followed by the second descent.

After the third climb, the one 1964/65 managed, began the most successful period of the club. In the following 19 years they played continuously in the first division, was among other things, in 1969 vice-champion in 1978 and reached the cup final, in which one, however, the FC Barcelona defeated. In 1968 it was closest to the winning of the Championship as they finished in third place, only four points behind the champions.

Furthermore, played UD Las Palmas in international competitions. First, in 1969 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup and later the UEFA Cup in seasons 1972/73 and 1977 / 78th In addition, six players of the Canary clubs played in the Spanish national team: Tonono, Juan Guedes, Castellano, Germán Martín Marrero and Felipe.

1983 one rose again from the second division, but returned after two years back in the premier league back. A further decline in 1988 was the start of a very bad phase of the association. 1992 was followed by the crash in the third league and it was feared for the existence of the association. But you survived this difficult situation, and returned in 1996 back in the second and 2000 in the first division.

The so far last year in which the club in the Primera División played, where you spent a total of 31 years, was 2002. Afterwards they came again into financial problems and increased 2003/ 04 repeated in the 3rd league from. Again the club was close to the end, but UD Las Palmas could again be saved and managed in the 2005/06 season in the Segunda División return. Since then, the club put there regularly in a relegation battle, but could have always stay in the league and finished the season 2007/ 08 on a 8th place, as it was the third best team in the second half after being on in the first round already nine points behind a had non- relegation zone. In the season 2012/2013 UD Las Palmas reached the play-off games in the Primera División for the ascent, but failed against UD Almería.

From the youth of Las Palmas come players like Valeron, Manuel Pablo, Guayre, Jorge Larena, Rubén Castro or Ángel López which are later changed to better clubs. The second team of Las Palmas managed in the 2007/ 08 season promotion to the third division, rose, however, after they lost in the relegation against the second team of Sporting Gijon, again.


  • 31 seasons in La Liga
  • 21 seasons in the Segunda División
  • 6 seasons in the Segunda División B
  • Best position in Primera División: Second ( 1968/69 season )

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