UDA is the abbreviation for:

  • Ulster Defence Association, a Protestant paramilitary criminal underground movement in Northern Ireland
  • Appearances in non-peaceful demonstrative actions (police ), see Police Location
  • Union des Artistes
  • United Democratic Alliance ( Zambia)
  • Universidad del Aconcagua, an Argentine University


  • Unified Driver Architecture. Drivers with special set-up and backward compatibility (audio, video and printer drivers).
  • Universal Data Acquisition, a universal Datenacquisition at PerkinElemer ICP -OES spectrometers


  • Uda Heller, a German politician;
  • Uda ( Tenno ), the 59th Emperor of Japan;
  • Shintaro Uda, a Japanese electrical engineer
  • Uda ( Pacific), in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk ( Pacific ) opening Direction river in Russia;
  • Uda ( Selenga ), a tributary of the Selenga River in Russia;
  • Tschuna, named in the upper and middle reaches of the river Uda source Tassejewa in Russia;
  • Udy (also Uda ), tributary of the Seversky Donets in Russia and Ukraine;


  • Uda ( Nara ), a town in the Japanese prefecture of Nara;
  • An ancient city in eastern Anatolia
  • Uda ( Arges ), a municipality in the county of Arges (Romania )
  • Uda ( Iasi ), a village in the district of Iasi (Romania )
  • Uda, Sardinian name of Uta, municipality in the province of Cagliari in Italy
  • Uda ( Wuhai ) (乌达 区), one of three districts of the Chinese city of Wuhai.


  • Uda Castle, a ruined castle in the district Grefrather Oedt
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